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News › Mediterranean Air War is close to release!

Thursday, April 07, 2005 (19:59:29)
The folks at "The Desert Rats" is about to release a great new stand alone add on for Combat Flight Simulator 3! With new planes, scenery and more, this looks very promising for the CFS3 enthusiast!! Click on the "Read More" link to find out more...

Mediterranean Air War Coming Soon [align=center]

Mediterranean Air War Coming Soon
It’s alive!
CFS3 seems to be dead but it is far from it.

In the CFS3 community it sure looks as if there aren’t many people around at this time. There aren’t! Why? Because a lot of them are busy, very very busy.

What are they doing you might ask, what is so important that the community seems to be on the verge of dying?

Well, I tell you what they are doing. They have become the Desert Rats building the biggest addon ever, for CFS3....

Mediterranean Air War, called MAW.

And what is MAW? It is a whole new theatre, just like Korea, but bigger, more detailed and with something the Korea theatre don’t have yet. Water! Yes real water for the Mediterranean Sea. Water that floatplanes can land on, water to have ships and submarines in. Lots of water to search for fleets, troop and weapons transports to sink.

Does that make the guys busy? Well not all of them, but there is a lot more to MAW than water. There is new landtextures, for the desert of North Africa, for the island Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and many more countries that surrounds the Med.

And if you think, is that all, well.. it isn’t, not by a long shot.

In MAW there will be new vehicles, like the Crusader MK1 british tank, together with the Mathilda tank and others, that were used extensively by the brits in the Med war. There will be lots of new vehicles, some of them drivable, like the VW, yes you read correctly, the VolksWagen, beetle if you like, will be featured in MAW as a Kommandeur Wagen.

And that is not it alone, oh no, there will be lots of new aircraft too, the last count was 30+, well a lot of them will be variations on the same aircraft, like the FW190 will come in different versions. So will the spitfire. We will see that in versions not yet released anywhere for CFS3. Same goes for P40’s Hurricanes and more. Not to mention the aircraft never seen before in CFS3, the JU52 transporter, as troopcarrier, ambulance, and many floatplanes like a swordfish floater.

And is that all? Nope. There is more! New buildings to reflect the time and place of the med, Life will also come to CFS3 in MAW, seagulls, cows, sheep, camels, people will appear in MAW and bring immersion further than seen in any combat flight simulator till date.

So all I can say is BE PATIENT. MAW will soon be with us and enhance the experience of flying CFS3 by a LOT!

WildBat member of the Desert Rats

Mediterranean Air War Web Site

Talk about it on the forums!