Making The Tulips Safe For Democracy
Making The Tulips Safe For Democracy
_POTD_SUBON11-06-2012 16:22

JG300-Stoopy - 16-06-2012 06:37  
...Which means only having to perform CAP flights from early April through June? Laughing

siskens - 16-06-2012 07:00  
You did not only keep the tulips in order..... It's good to know we're looked after.
piney - 16-06-2012 07:45  
bring your tulips a little closer to the phone (we see who remebers it) Laughing
401RCAF_Hammer - 16-06-2012 13:01  
-S- Man I love that jet. In Canada its called a CF-5 Freedom Fighter. Where did you get the download Ascout..?
JG300-Ascout - 16-06-2012 14:54  
You can find the download a few places. Just Google for the IRIS F-5 Superpack. And a superpack it is, with lots of configurations and liveries, plus a full VC and a great flight model. Wink
JG300-Ascout - 16-06-2012 14:57  
P.S.....the one thing I miss is a repaint in South Vietnamese A.F. colors (basically like USAF but with an RVN flag on the rudder). A lot of these were supplied to the RVN, and the captured ones were completely evaluated by the Soviets and their puppets. The Iranians even built a modified version with twin tails, like an F-18.
sven_c - 21-06-2012 06:08  
Tulips eh... welcome to the Netherlands Laughing Wink