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KUMUSTA PO KAYO! Filipino which means (Hello and How Are You :: Archived
This is for General Discussions about the CFS3 game.
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Joined: Jun 06, 2008
Posts: 7
Location: Surigao City, Surigao del Norte Mindanao Island Philippines
PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 12:18 pm
Post subject: KUMUSTA PO KAYO! Filipino which means (Hello and How Are You

Some of you may remember me as 332_CO_Lakota or as 332_CO_Dulknife. I was the founder of the 332nd Fighter Group Tuskegee Redtails of CFS and CFS3. I am now starting the Virtual 31st Fighter Group/VMF 211 Squadron in IL2.

Many things has happen since I left CFS3 what about 5 years now. I am remarried to a wonderful filipino woman and we have a 3 almost 4 yr old daughter. I have retired now after I got my 100% disablity from the VA and have moved to the Philippines. I have been in the Philippnes now for almost two years and my wife is gald I am retired and have move home with her. It was hard for a while because I was only able to come home to her once a year.

As I said a lot of things have happen since I left CFS3. When I took the 332nd Fighter Group to IL2 things were going okay. One of my ex-squadron leader from CFS went to Il2 when it first came out and started the 99th Fighter Squadron and was painting redtails on Russian planes which up set not only me but few onlys who took pride in the 332nd FG.

Any way I talk to him about joining forces so we would have a complete 332nd FG and not just the 332 and 99th as seperate groups. As the old say goes beware of thoes you trust. He did some politicing behind my back as was forced out as CO and out of the group. I then join the vRAF 79 Squadron and flew with them for a while and after I move to the Philippines left them and decided to try and build another Fighter Group. I still like the Pacific War so dediced to start the Marine Squadron VMF 211 for that PTO, and also fly the MTO as well.

I have talk to some of the guys from the VA and some IMs there. I just reinstalled my CFS3 game and tried it. I have to get use to it again. I notice when I try to create an account to fly M/P I keep getting a error message that I am not connected to internet and I know I am. Also I been flying that BOB2 WOV off line and find it not too bad of a flight sim, plus First Eagle with the First eagle Expansion Pack, and Wings Over Viet Nam and also Silient Hunter 4.

Well thats about all I have been doing since I retired, beside MMMM with my wife hehehehehe. Also last Nov I bought a 2007 Yamaha T-35 motorcycle. Learn how to ride it in two weeks where I could take my wife on the back. The thing is: here the filipino drivers are the worse drivers in the world.

So i shall leave now just wanted to drop in a say Kumusta (hello) to my old friends here. Take care.

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Joined: Jan 21, 2005
Posts: 7015
Location: Central Illinois, USA
PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 12:31 pm
Post subject: Re: KUMUSTA PO KAYO! Filipino which means (Hello and How Are You

Hiya KABAYO and welcome to Com Central!

Best of luck on your new project and once you get it going, feel free to ask for a Forum for your group here at CC. We offer some advantages such as TeamSpeak, public and private forums, group permissions and what we think is the best community anywhere. Wink
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