Let the Hunt begin
Let the Hunt begin
_POTD_SUBON24-10-2011 20:54

piney - 17-11-2011 04:21  
JG300-Stoopy - 17-11-2011 04:35  
Why, I seem to recall just a couple of days ago there was another evening picture titled "Let the hunt begin"...and here we are!

Mr. Green
JG300-Ascout - 17-11-2011 10:14  
You'll be hearing from my Composition and Color Infringement attorneys shortly!

siskens - 17-11-2011 12:45  
Laughing OK Stoopy ; you've scored already... now he knows he's being hunted... Mr. Green Attorneys... Rolling Eyes But it IS a nice picture he did.
JG300-1Bullet - 17-11-2011 15:09  
IT was a Deja vue moment Rolling Eyes
How about "Radar is searching"
JG300-Stoopy - 17-11-2011 16:44  
I think it's just another great example of the ongoing connected-ness within the group....like we're all sharing just one brain...or what I like to call the Cosmic Unconsciousness.... Laughing