The Flying Dutchman
The Flying Dutchman
_POTD_SUBON01-08-2012 14:44

siskens - 17-01-2013 02:30  
two times five ...if possible ! Where, oh, where did you get this plane from....?
Freiherr_Kiefer - 17-01-2013 04:04  
I Thought you would like it Hans, go here


about half way down the page. It can fly in FS9 or FSX, enjoy
piney - 17-01-2013 04:08  
a quick correction, it is the second one from the top, not the middle one, It is the unfinished (but incredible) version
siskens - 17-01-2013 05:54  
T H A N K Y O U !!
JG300-Ascout - 17-01-2013 09:57  
...and appropriately, it's in the livery of the international "hazard" markings! Shocked
siskens - 17-01-2013 11:34  
Evil or Very Mad wha'd'ye mean..."appropriately"...huh..?
JG300-Ascout - 17-01-2013 13:49  
JG300 is not known for respecting neutral aircraft. Heck, when times are slow, we've been known to shoot down each other just to pass the time! Laughing
sven_c - 17-01-2013 14:03  
JG300 has never seen Dutch aircraft. Other than that, nice Fokker G.1.

(Netherlands defeated 1940, JG300 operations 1943-1945)
JG300-Ascout - 17-01-2013 14:07  
JG300 is so fast that they can travel in time. Wink
siskens - 17-01-2013 15:17  
Razz Not that fast...JG300 was formed 26.6.43 in Deelen ( The Netherlands...!) as Stab/Versuchskommando Hermann, from 18.7.43 as Stab/JG Hermann, and then finally 20.8.43 as Stab/JG300. ............. Welcome
JG300-Stoopy - 17-01-2013 18:22  
Irregardless of historical accuracy of a time-travelling Jagdgeschwader , 'tis a fine screenshot of a beautiful aircraft!

ridgerunner - 17-01-2013 20:03  
whole lotta guns in that nose