No Frills Cargo Service
No Frills Cargo Service
_POTD_SUBON13-07-2010 19:32

piney - 23-07-2010 01:54  
no,no,no the manolo in a plane with- gasp!- faded paint Shocked He must lie down until he regains his senses Wink
jerdev - 23-07-2010 01:58  
Cool shot, this Manolo guy ¿Quién es Él?
JG300-Ascout - 23-07-2010 04:09  
Manolo is the JG300 arteest-in-residence. Interior decorator and designer/outfitter to the stars. A pair of Manolo Blahnik flying boots are priceless (well not priceless, just a price to give you a nervous tic). And with a matching Dolce & Gabbana flying scarf, the effect is, OMG, stunning.

JG300 is known for "stinkin' up the place with Sty'le" Mr. Green
jerdev - 23-07-2010 04:27  
OK, I know I'm a new hand here but I think it's already to late to save my boots, if you get my drift. Is this some kind of rookie joke?
Manolo - 23-07-2010 07:13  
Manolo says, The Manolo, he is sitting beside himself that he has been caught....worse...photographed flying the plane of the Milton Shupe in that dreadful Mogotu's design, Derelict'. The Manolo was feeling very pale that day and had the down of the dumps and was not taking the care of himself. He even ate a quart of ice cream by himself at the sitting of the alone.
siskens - 23-07-2010 14:22  
PSSSST...Jerdev....In some parts of the world there is an abundance of old and antique being treated as new... Wink