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AirHog's 10 pack
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Category IL2 | FB | AEP | PF | 1946 Combat Flight SimulatorIL-2 Sturmovik (Original Game)IL2-Missions
Air Hog
Compatibility IL-2 Series (Ubisoft/Maddox Games)
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Wed Feb 23, 2005 5:00 am

Ten "Single Player" missions with varied mission types, player planes, and weather conditions.

Here are 10 IL-2 Missions. They are NOT historical. Some of the missions might be a bit hard on your frame rate. If this is a problem just go into FMB and delete whatever is necessary to make them run smoothly on your computer.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damage that these missions might have on your computer.

Extract to IL2Sturmovik\missions\single\
Then to either the DE\ or RU\ folder.

Air Hog