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David "Opa" Marshall's Tips and Tricks #08
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Category MS Flight SimulatorsFlight Simulator 2004David "Opa" Marshall "Tips and Tricks!"
Sat Mar 11, 2006 8:00 am

Tips and Tricks number 8 for fs2004. This issue of Tips and Tricks contains an interesting explanation of ATC and ATIS conversations, plus the usual assortment of recommendations for useful utilities and exceptionally fine scenery additions.

I have also included a "flying challenge" you may find fun to try. Several "Bonus" files are also a part of this package. Hopefully you will find something of use, regardless of your experience level. The wife has told me I need to spend more time in the yard and less time on the computer so it may be a while before the next issue of Tips and Tricks is available. Please unzip (using the folders option) to a temporary location.