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UK AFV Register
The AFV ASSOCIATION was formed in 1964 to support the thoughts and research of all those interested in Armored Fighting Vehicles and related topics, such as AFV drawings. The emphasis has always been on sharing information and communicating with other members of similar interests; e.g. German armor, Japanese AFVs, or whatever.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:39 pm
Post subject: Re: UK AFV Register

Do you plan to finish and publish the UK AFV Register after updating USA AFV Register ?
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:05 pm
Post subject: Re: UK AFV Register

I started work son such a register months ago, just never finished. Here's the Bovington section.


The Tank Museum, Bovington Camp, King George V Rd & Linsay Rd
(N50 41.684 W002 14.584)
A1E1 Independent GBR ind WD No. T1020
A4 Light Tank Mk IIA GBR ind WD No. T948?; only surv. Example?
A9 Cruiser Mk I GBR ind WD No. T7230; “Eager” 1
A10 Cruiser Mk IIACS GBR ind WD No. T9261; only surv. example?
A11 Infantry Tank Matilda I GBR ind WD No. T8106; “Demon” 2
A12 Infantry Tank Matilda II GBR ind WD No. T10459; “Gold Miller”
A12 Infantry Tank Matilda II CDL GBR ind WD No. T7341; “Dover”
A13 Cruiser Mk III GBR ind WD No. T4425; “Agility” 3
A13 Cruiser Mk III Covenanter GBR ind “Achilles”
A15 Cruiser Mk VI Crusader III GBR ind Painted WD No. T126272
A15 Cruiser Mk VI Crusader III turret GBR ind
A15 Crusader III AA turret GBR ind
A17E1 Tetrarch I GBR ind WD No. T9274; “Ritz” 4
A22F Churchill Mk VII GBR ind WD No. T347848/M; last built 5
A22 Churchill Mk IIII AVRE GBR ind Runner
A22 Churchill Crocodile trailer GBR ind
A27L Centaur Dozer GBR ind WD No. T186642, VRN 54ZR78 6
A27M Cromwell IV GBR ind Painted WD No. T119003
A33 Excelsior GBR ind WD No. T2866; Pilot B 7
A34 Comet GBR ind “Adamant;” Painted VRN 09ZR88
A38 Valiant I GBR ind Only prototype built
A39 Tortoise GBR ind First pilot model - only survivor?
A43 Black Prince GBR ind Pilot No. 4?; only complete survivor 8
AC1 Sentinel AUS ind SN 8049, WD No. T41525
AEC Mk II GBR ind SN F88707
AML-60 FRA ind RN 204-0203
AML-90 FRA/ARG ind Captured during Falklands War
AMX-13 FRA ind SN 212, painted RN 12480316
AMX-30B2 FRA ind RN 284-0127
Archer GBR ind RN? S280017, VRN 83ZS80
Bison concrete armoured lorry GBR ind
BMP-1 SOV/IRQ ind SN 83041051; captured 1991 Gulf War
BRDM-2RKhB SOV/IRQ ind SN A03072; captured 1991 Gulf War
Carden-Loyd Mk VI GBR ind WD No. T612 9
Centurion Mk 1 GBR ind WD No. T352416, VRN 03ZR70 10
Centurion Mk 3 Crocodile GBR ind WD No. T351770, VRN 03ZR71
Centurion Mk 3 (cutaway) GBR ind WD No. T351992, VRN 02ZR18
Centurion Mk 13 GBR ind VRN 04CC87
Centurion BARV GBR ind VRN 00ZR21
Challenger V3A2 prototype GBR out VRN 05SP52
Challenger 1 Mk 3 GBR ind VRN 64KG87; Gulf War veteran
Challenger 1 GBR ind VRN 64KG94; Gulf War vet, BATUS
Challenger 2 prototype GBR ind Prototype V5, VRN 06SP91
Char B1 bis 740(f) FRA/DEU ind Extra armor fitted to turret ring 11
Charioteer GBR ind Displayed in Jordanian Army colors
Chieftain Mk 12 GBR ind VRN 11FD58; served with BAOR
Chieftain Mk 13 GBR out VRN 02EB65; served with BAOR
Conqueror Mk I GBR ind VRN 40BA86
Coventry Mk I GBR ind RN F210605; Only survivor
Crossley/Chevrolet armoured car GBR ind “Nowshera;” Donated by Pakistan
Crossley Mk I armoured car GBR ind “HMAC Bisley”
Daimler Mk II GBR ind VRN 37ZU35, RN F208330
Ferret Mk 1 cutaway GBR ind
Ferret Mk 5 GBR ind VRN 03EE06; Australian trials vehicle
Ferret Mk 2/6 GBR ind VRN 06EB33; with Vigilant ATGMs
Fox GBR ind VRN 00SP89
Fox cutaway GBR ind
FT-17 prototype FRA ind SN 63168?
FV438 Swingfire GBR ind VRN 03DA07; Pre-production vehicle
Guy Mk I GBR ind WD No. T10359
Humber Hornet Malkara GBR ind VRN 06BK66
Humber Mk I armoured car GBR ind RN F26846
Humber Mk I scout car GBR ind RN F196345; “Jack in the Box”
Ikv-91 SWE ind RN 204 652 12
JgPz 38(t) Hetzer DEU ind Hull number 32111; capt. in Belgium 13
KV-1 M1942 SOV ind SN 11302?; Sample provided to UK
L1E3 amphibious tank GBR ind WD No. T2430, SN FME 985
Lanchester Mk II armoured car GBR ind Painted RN MT9755, chassis LAC 34
Landsverk L-180 SWE/IRL ind
Leopard 1 series III prototype DEU ind SN J03, RN Y209859, VRN 02SP60
Leyland Terrier Armrd Car IRE ind Donated by Irish Army in 1986
Light Tank Mk V turret GBR ind
Light Tank Mk VIB GBR ind WD No. T4194, SN HMC 547
Little Willie GBR ind First completed tank
LVT4 USA/GBR ind “Sevenoaks”
M3 Grant USA/GBR ind WD No. T24889
M3A1 Stuart USA/BRA ind SN 2862, Brazilian RN EB11209
M3A1 Scout Car USA/POL? ind RN 348 FAM
M4A1(75) Sherman USA/GBR ind “Michael”; original WD No. T25190 14
M4A2(75) Sherman III DD USA/GBR ind Only survivor with original screen 15
M4A4(75) Sherman V Crab USA/GBR ind
M4A4 Sherman VC Firefly USA/GBR ind RN 305416, WD No. T228796
M5A1 Stuart USA ind Painted in USMC colors
M8 Greyhound USA/GBR ind SN 6648, F278118
M9A1 Half-Track USA/GBR ind VRN 13ZA25, Painted RN F35384
M10 Achilles USA/GBR ind
M22 Locust USA/GBR ind WD No. T158979
M24 Chaffee USA/GBR ind WD No. T330553; “Trigger Happy”
M26 Pershing USA/GBR ind WD No. T345713 16
M29 Weasel USA/GBR ind
M41A1 Walker Bulldog USA/NZL ind RN NZ30544
M46 Patton USA/GBR ind RN 30163515; Supplied to UK for eval
M48? Patton USA/GBR ind RN 9A5213; T48 pilot? 17
M60A3 USA ind SN 540?, RN JJ0128 18
M103A2 USA ind Displayed in USMC markings
M.14/41 ITA ind Hull number 1251, RN Ro Eto 4867
Marmon-Herrington Mk IVF ZAF/GBR ind SN E?820
Marmon-Herrington Mk VI ZAF/GBR ind First prototype; SN U46293
Mk A Whippet GBR ind A259 “Caesar II;” Lt Sewell's VC tank19
Mk I Male GBR ind Painted as 705, C19 “Clan Leslie” 20
Mk II Female GBR ind 785, painted F53 “Flying Scotsman” 21
Mk IV Male GBR ind 2324; “HMS Excellent” 22
Mk V Male GBR ind 9199; H41; fought at Amiens 23
Mk V** Male GBR ind 10704; “Old Faithful”
Mk VIII Liberty GBR ind
Mk IX GBR ind “IC15”
Morris Mk I light recon car GBR ind
NSU Springer DEU ind
Panhard EBR-75 FRA ind SN 2287?, RN 204-0303
Peerless armored car GBR ind SN L1360
Pz 61 CHE ind SN 77640
PzBefWg Ausf B DEU ind Captured in North Africa
PzJg V Jagdpanther DEU ind Hull number 303101; built postwar 24
PzJg VI Jagdtiger DEU ind Hull no. 305004; capt. at Sennelager 25
PzKpfw II Ausf F DEU ind Hull number 28434; capt. in Tunisia 26
PzKpfw III Ausf L DEU ind Captured in North Africa
PzKpfw III Ausf N DEU ind Missing tracks; capt. in Tunisia 27
PzKpfw IV Ausf D/G DEU ind Served as a driver training tank 28
PzKpfw V Panther G DEU ind Built under direction of REME postwar29
PzKpfw V Panther II Schmalturm DEU ind Turret recovered from Larkhill range
PzKpfw VI(H) Tiger DEU ind Hull no. 250112, Tiger 131 30
PzKpfw VI(P) King Tiger DEU ind V2, second prototype King Tiger 31
PzKpfw VI(P) King Tiger DEU ind Hull no. 280093, turret no. 104 32
PzSpWg II Ausf L Luchs DEU ind Hull number 200164 33
Ram II target tank CAN/NED ind WD No. CT159418 34
Ram Kangaroo CAN ind Recovered from Salisbury Plain 35
Renault UE FRA ind Believed to be Narvik veteran
Rolls Royce Mk I armoured car GBR ind Chassis No. 193WO, RN H 3830
S-103 S-Tank SWE ind
S-104C Centurion Mk 3 GBR/SWE ind VRN 05BA71, Swedish RN 80 342 36
Sabre GBR ind VRN 03FD70
Saladin GBR ind SN RGX 880 37
Saracen GBR ind VRN 05FF81
Saracen ACP GBR ind VRN 82BA31
Scorpion pilot GBR ind VRN 00SP97
Sd.Kfz. 234/3 sPzSpWg DEU ind Captured at the end of the war
Sd.Kfz. 251/8 SPW Ausf C DEU ind Ambulance version
Somua S-35 739(f) FRA/DEU ind SN 67227?
SPz 11-2 Kurz DEU ind SN 857, RN Y135444
Striker GBR ind VRN 03SP42; prototype
Strv M/40L SWE ind RN 335
StuG III (40) DEU/FIN ind Hull no. 105235 38
StuPz VI Sturmtiger tube DEU ind
SU-76M SOV ind Captured during the Korean War 1950
SU-100 SOV/EGY ind Captured during 1956 Suez Crisis
T14 heavy assault tank USA/GBR ind Second pilot; only surviving example
T17E1 Staghound USA/GBR ind RN F215478
T18E2 Boarhound USA/GBR ind RN F205188; only surviving example
T-26B M1933 SOV/FIN ind Captured by Finland in 1940/1941 39
T-34/85 SOV/CHN ind Captured during the Korean War
T-54M SOV/SYR ind SN 540..09; captured in 1967 or 1973?
T-55K SOV/POL/IRQ ind Captured 1991 Gulf War
T-62 SOV/IRQ ind SN M09VT5371; capt. 1991 Gulf War
T-72M1 SOV/POL/DDR ind SN A09JN568
Type 59 CHN std ex Royal Ordnance (GBR), has 105mm
Type 69-IIC CHN/IRQ ind SN B10861009 40
Type 95 Ha-Go JPN ind Captured in Malaya
Universal Carrier Mk II GBR ind WD No. 252718, VRN 77ZT52
Universal Carrier Praying Mantis GBR ind Only surviving prototype, of two built
Valentine Mk II GBR ind WD No. T16065; “Manchester;” runner
Valentine Bridgelayer GBR ind WD No. T16278
Vickers Armstrong Mk E Type B GBR ind One of two surviving 6-ton tanks 41
Vickers Carden-Loyd M1936 GBR ind Only surviving example
Vickers D3E1 GBR ind Only surviving example
Vickers Medium Mk II* GBR ind WD No. T199, RN ML 8642 42

Car Park near the Museum (N50 41.722 W002 14.526)
A22 Churchill Mk II GBR out Mod. to look like Mk I with hull gun 43
Centurion Mk 8 w/ Conway St 2 GBR out “Spud; Painted VRN 07SP24 44

Gate Guard
Centurion moving target tank GBR out

Museum Storage Sheds & Yards 45
2S3 SOV std
A11 Infantry Tank Matilda I GBR wre Former range target
A13 Cruiser Mk III Covenanter turret GBR std pilot model / experimental turret
A15 Crusader turret GBR std
A22 Churchill Mk I/II turret GBR std
A22 Churchill Mk III/IV? turret GBR std
A22 Churchill Mk IV AVRE GBR std
A22 Churchill Mk VI GBR std WD No. T251952/D? 46
A22F Churchill Mk VII GBR std Early production vehicle
A22F Churchill Mk VII AVRE GBR std VRN 33ZR17
A22D Churchill 3-in Gun Carrier GBR std Former range target
A22 Churchill ARK GBR std
A22 Churchill dynometer GBR std
A24 Cruiser Mk VII Cavalier GBR wre Only surviving example? 47
A30 Challenger GBR std
A34 Comet GBR std VRN 21ZR21; runner
AMX VTT/PC FRA std RN 638-0343; from Saumur in 1987
BTR-? SOV std
Centurion Mk 12 GBR std VRN 43BA17; poss. misidentification
Centurion Mk 12 GBR std VRN 44BA17; served with BAOR
Centurion Mk 13 GBR std VRN 43BA71
Centurion MMWR target GBR std Based on 40-ton Centurion? 48
Centurion AVLB GBR std? VRN 03BA27
40-ton Centurion GBR std
Challenger 1 Mk 1 GBR std? VRN 05SP68
Challenger 1? with WSD turret GBR std Has ballast weights on the turret 49
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR std VRN 01EB46
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR std VRN 01EB49
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR std VRN 03EB83
Chieftain Mk 5 GBR std VRN 00FD69
Chieftain 800/900 GBR std VRN 56MS09 50
Aluminum Chieftain GBR std VRN 04SP28; Acquired in 1990
Chieftain ARRV GBR std Workshop vehicle
Chieftain Signature Integ. Dem. GBR std
Conqueror prototype GBR std Prototype P7; has commentator box 51
Contentious GBR std RN UXM127
Conway GBR std VRN 07BA67; Only FV4004 prot. built
CV-33 flamethrower ITA std Captured in North Africa
Daimler Dingo Mk III GBR std RN F9658
EE-9 Cascavel BRA std RN PJT 334J 52
FV432 GBR std VRN 11EA74?; served with BAOR?
FV432 GBR std VRN 11EA74?; served with BAOR?
Humber Pig GBR std VRN 30BK08
JagdChieftain concept test rig GBR std VRN 04SP29
KJgPz 4-5 Jagdpanzer Kanone DEU std
Leopard C2 (1A5) DEU/CAN std? Runner
Leopard C2 (1A5) DEU/CAN std?
Light Tank Mk IV GBR std Only surviving example
M4(105) Sherman USA std
M4A2E8 Sherman Easy Eight USA/GBR std WD No. T224875; Runner; ex RMCS
M4A2 Sherman BARV USA/GBR wre Recovered from Salisbury Plain 53
M47 Patton USA/BEL std? Acquired from Belgian Army in 1973
M47 Patton USA/ITA std? Originally designated to be target
M59 USA/GBR std VRN 93BA38; used for trials
M74 USA/GBR std Served with BAOR
M113 USA/GBR std VRN 72KB59; used for trials
M548 USA std VRN 95KF48; used for rides
M548 USA std Used for rides
Marmon-Herrington Mk IVF ZAF/GBR std
MBT-80 with FV4211 turret GBR std VRN 99SP27, ATR 2 54
Saladin GBR std VRN 03CC34
Saxon GBR std
SP80 GBR std? VRN 98SP27
T-34/85 SOV std?
T-55 SOV/DDR std? SN 47WN20300; cutaway turret
Tracked Rapier GBR std VRN 49KB47
TV1000 Rhino test rig GBR std RN UXM312
TV1500 automotive test vehicle GBR std
Vixen GBR std VRN 03SP85, prototype V3
YP-408 NED std
YW-701 CHN std

Workshops (Old Armour School)
A25 Harry Hopkins GBR ind WD No. T119224

The Armour Centre
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR out? VRN 04EB21; plinth
Chieftain Mk 5 GBR out VRN 00FD85

Royal Wessex Yeomanry, Allenby Barracks, Amiens Rd
A22F Churchill Mk VII AVRE GBR out VRN 39ZR17

AFV Driving & Maintenance (D&M) School
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR out? VRN 03EB90
Conqueror Mk I GBR std? VRN 40BA87; training aid?

Royal Engineer Wing, AFV D&M School
Chieftain Mk 5 AVLB GBR std VRN 01FD72
Chieftain Mk 5 AVLB GBR std VRN 01FD73
Chieftain Mk 5 AVLB GBR std VRN 01FD79
Chieftain Mk 6 AVLB GBR std VRN 00EB29
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR std VRN 01EB35
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR std VRN 01EB41
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR std VRN 01EB42
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR std VRN 02EB09; ex BAOR
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR std VRN 02EB67
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR std VRN 03EB29
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR std VRN 03EB91
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR std VRN 04EB85
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR std VRN 05EB30
Chieftain Mk 3 AVRE GBR std VRN 06FA51
Chieftain Mk 3(S) AVRE GBR std VRN 01FD30

Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU) Gate Guards
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR out VRN 04EB10
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR out VRN 05EB65

Royal Tank Regiment RHQ, Stanley Barracks, King George V Rd
Challenger 1 GBR out VRN 34KA17; “Coleraine”
Conqueror Mk II GBR out VRN 40BA95; first Conqueror Mk II

Bovington Barracks
Centurion Mk ? GBR out?
Chieftain Mk 1 GBR out? VRN 02EB17
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR out? VRN 01EB45
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR out? VRN 01EB91; ex Pounds, Portsmouth
Chieftain Mk 3(S) GBR out? VRN 01FD08

Bovington Heath Training Area
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR wre VRN 03EB79
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR std VRN 04EB83
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR std VRN 05EB22; training aid
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR std VRN 05EB44
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR wre VRN 05EB60; used for camo practice
Chieftain Mk 2 GBR wre VRN 06FA07; training aid
Chieftain Mk 3 GBR std VRN 06FA39
Chieftain Mk 3 GBR std VRN 06FA54
Chieftain Mk 2 AVRE GBR std VRN 05EB23; ex BOAR
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:51 pm
Post subject: Re: UK Register

I'm searching for list of vehicles in storage area of Bovington Tank Museum.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:49 pm
Post subject: UK AFV Register

For interested in vehicles in UK

Vehicles of Imperial War Museum Duxford:

pre 1945

post 1945

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