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approaching the Beta Test Phase of the FSDzigns L-049A v2 :: Archived
Discussions about the FS2004 game.
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Aircraft Demolition Expert

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Joined: Nov 28, 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 12:30 pm
Post subject: approaching the Beta Test Phase of the FSDzigns L-049A v2


this has been on my wishlist for a long time

We are happy to announce we are rapidly approaching the Beta Test Phase of the FSDzigns L-049A Version 2 project.

Currently we are finalizing the panel layout and will be testing within the design team in a few days. The Alpha testing should be a short period. The major focus on the next release is the panel. Although, there have been significant improvements to the model as well. Most of you will not notice any change in the appearance, but the next model is more efficient from a graphical standpoint and will provide less video card load.

We are working as much as our "real" lives permit. We will be creating a new Operation Manual that is more in depth than the original.

We realize that this version has taken more time to release than was previously intended. Several of our team members have had a lot of personal and family commitments that have taken priority over this project this past winter. With those commitments pretty well put behind us, we are working overtime to get this project out of the maintainence hanger and into your propliner hanger.

Perhaps in the next few weeks, we will have some screen shots of the upcoming release.

We are quite certain that you will appreciate the new features that we have put into the Version 2 release. In fact, we have incorporated a feature that will be new to the entire Propliner world. This newly discovered feature will add a level of realism to most Propliners. Sorry to have to keep you in the dark on this but let's just say you will like it.

Keep checking in on the Forum for additional announcements.

Regards to All,

Kent Morris
FSDzigns Technical Director

At this point, we have no screenshots of the new version. Visually, there will be very little difference. The enhancements, graphically, are in the model. These enhancements are an increase in the graphical efficiency. We have reduced the polygon count in the model, without any sacrifice to the shape. This should reduce the "computer resource" load in FS2004.

The major changes in the next release will be to the cockpit. We have created a cockpit that more closely resembles that of the actual L-049A of the period.

Also in the next release will be an enhancement to the realism of flying propliners. Our team has discovered an undocumented element in FS2004 that will allow the FS pilot to fly this airplane much closer to real world than ever before. This will bring propliner realism to a level not previously experienced in any add-on airplane, freeware or payware. The entire team is very excited about this release.

At this point, we are in the final stages of panel layout and coding. We anticipate a Beta Test program within the next few weeks. Keep in mind that all of the design and testing is done by people who have real world commitments so we don't commit to dates for releases. Our team is dedicated to desigining add-on airplanes as accurately as possible within the limitations of FS2004. There have been thousands of hours put into this project including research into the airplane as well as the actual design.

Keep flying the current version, using it as a tool to hone your skills. Fly it as close to the handling notes as possible. You will be glad you put in the time flying accurately when the new version is released.


Kent Morris
FSDzigns Aircraft Division Manager and Technical Director

these are some comments placed on the FSDzigns forum about the upcoming release of version 2 of the "Connie" as it looks it will be better smoother and more life like than it's previous version, looking very much forward to the release of it.

just tought to share 'm with you

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