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_DLP_SUBMITTEDBY Shadow_Bshwackr
Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, and Joao Paz.
Version vc4-604
File Size 14.3 MB
Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:00 am

Howard 500 with VC for FS2004
by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas, and Joao Paz.
Pkg incl gMax fully animated, radial propelled, taildragger AC with "hand-flyer" flight dynamics.

Also Features a custom panel patterned after the RW N500HP, an easy-to-read fully functional virtual cockpit with day lighting and VC gauge backlighting for night, a special N500HP paint scheme by Joao Paz and nice matching leather interior, sounds mixed to resemble the rw AC, specular highlites in the VC and Html checklists. This package will not work in FS2002.