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Savoia Marchetti S.73 for FS2004 ver. 2.0 by Stefano Meneghini
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JG300-Stoopy for Stefano Meneghini
Version 2.0 12/20/
Compatibility Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX (FSX/SP2)
File Size 17.9 MB
Fri Dec 21, 2007 12:47 pm

Savoia Marchetti S.73 for FS2004 ver. 2.0 by Stefano Meneghini

(Works also very well in FSX up to SP2 level and includes preview thumbnails by the author! Simply point the installer to your FSX main folder instead, and move the S73 folders from the n

This is the FS9 model of the Savoia Marchetti (SIAI) S73 or SM73, an elegant thirties Italian transport aircraft. After a 1.0 version Stefano Meneghini entirely rebuilt this 2.0 version. Main upgrades are: 1) Completely new GMax model(s), with improved details, animations and texture realism. 2) A new texture map allowing more flexible repaints. 3) More accurate flight dynamics and reference notes. 4) Original sound package added. 5) New panel w/metric gauges. 6) Historical documentation and handling notes are added. The package contains six texture sets, each with own model file with four different engine types in flight dynamics files. The liveries provided are: Ala Littoria (two liveries), Avio Linee Italiane, Nucleo Comunicazioni LATI, SABENA and Regia Aeronautica 605-3. Complete package with model, panel, virtual cockpit, texture sets and sounds. Models, virtual cockpit, sounds and panel by Stefano Meneghini, paints by Manuele Villa, flight dynamics, info and handling notes by FSAviator. Several gauges in this update employ bitmaps and code from the KEDI gau set by Hauke Keitel, some with minor modifications, renamed to prevent overwriting of the originals. See "Handling the S73.txt", "Navigating the S73.txt" and "History.txt" for more details. See also approach plates in .pdf format for use with the document 'Navigating the S.73.txt'. You will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, print or use the .pdf format approach plates provided.