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FS2004-New Zealand 70m Terrain Mesh
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Category MS Flight SimulatorsFlight Simulator 2004FS2004 Scenery
Version v1.080106
Compatibility Microsoft FS2004 and FSX
File Size 40.4 MB
Mon Jan 07, 2008 7:47 pm

New Zealand 70M Terrain Mesh as originally converted & compiled by Stephen Rothlisberger, for Global Terrain Mesh project, added to custom installer and download to support Com-Central Hoplist Derby only.

1. Run the installer, verify it points to your FS9 (or FSX) Main Folder.

2. After installing, activate the scenery by going to Settings -> Scenery Library
and selecting "Add Area..."

3. At the "Add Area" dialogue box, navigate to the Addon Scenery folder, then to
the "NewZealand_70M_TerrainMesh" folder and press OK

4. The NewZealand terrain mesh area wil be shown in your addon scenery list.
Move the priority for it up or down if you know that have other sceneries that
require a higher priority,

5. Press OK to exit the Scenery Library manager, and restart FS9.

Happy flying!