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FSX Com-Central Aero Commander Collection Service Pack 2
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Category MS Flight SimulatorsFlight Simulator XFSX Utilities
Version 1.20081129
Compatibility FSX, FSX SP2, FSX Accelleration
File Size 149 Kb
Sun Nov 30, 2008 8:53 pm

This update corrects a few issues identified with the Aero Commander Collection when running with FSX SP2 or the Acceleration add-on, such as additional prop disc and VC texture fixes for the AC520 and AC500 series.

- Prop disc textures for the Aero Commander 520 series, which were mistakenly omitted from the preceding Prop Texture update previously issued for the Aero Commander FSX package (and mentioned below as a prerequisite).

- Transparent / missing lower door panels in the VC of some of the 500 series aircraft, namely the ones without the wood paneling (Ansett, N22WR, NASA & Argentina liveries).

- Transparent / missing tires on the "AF" livery of the AC 500 Cargo variant

- Transparent / missing "mercedes" nose cone on the "Smuggler's Dream", "Bush Pilots" and "Border Patrol" liveries of the AC 500 Cargo variant.

This download assumes you have already installed the Aero Commander collection for FSX and all other updates, primarily including the first Prop Texture fix (which also provides updated thumbnails) for all other variants. Those two prerequisites are, specifically, these downloads available per Mitlon Shupe's permission at

1. Aero Commander Collection for FSX - filename "ComC_fsx_commander_coll_v1.07.ZIP"
(available in the "Miltons Hangar" section of the FSX Aircraft -> FSX Civilian -> CC Civilian "EZ" Plane Collections download section)

2. FSX- Aero Commander Prop Texture fix for Acceleration/SP2 - filename ""
(available in the Downloads -> Flight Simulator X -> FSX Utilities section)