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FS9-CCB_042 Files (Bush Flights)
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Category MS Flight SimulatorsFlight Simulator 2004Com Central Bush Flight Files
Bob Williams
Version 12.08
Compatibility FS9 Only
File Size 2.37 MB
Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:27 pm

EZ Installer with a complete adventure in FS9 in the Glacier Bay area with weather, date/time and kneeboard. We take the Beech D18S to five remote ranger stations.

The Adventure
One of the perks of living full time at remote ranger stations is receiving a package for Christmas that includes all the fixings for a wonderful holiday feast. Today we’re taking the Beech D18S loaded with food and making those deliveries to five remote stations. The D18S is quite a lot larger than we need, but it’s fun to fly and it’s fast – we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Also, it’s a nice day and delivering these feasts is fun, so we’re taking the scenic route.

This EZ-Installer contains GPS and FSNav flight plans, kneeboard files including route notes, payload actions and an illustrated briefing and saved flight with time/date and custom weather for a two hour long adventure in the freeware Glacier Bay scenery area created by Holger Sandmann. Just point the installer to your main FS9 folder and go! You will need to manually move the GPS flight plan file to your My Documents\Flight Simulator Files folder, but everything else goes where it needs to be. See the included Adventure Installer Readme accessible at the end of the installer program.

Requires Holger Sandmann's Glacier Bay V2 and my own Total Scenery Installer available here in the downloads section of Com-Central.