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Air Simba DHC3 Otter wheel / Ski models
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Version 1
Compatibility FSX / FS9
File Size 1.63 Mb
Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:10 am

Set of two textures and cfg file for 2 of the Premier Aircraft Design DHC3 Otters for use by Air Simba members on FSE. (and anyone else who wants) These are for the newest Garrett turbo wheel/ski model.

Written for FSX, but "should" also apply to FS9. Two liveries. Paint by Rixster, and published with the expressed permission of Bob May at Premier Aircraft Design.

Noseart on CF-EYO is of my Uncle, Doug Givens...the real "Mr Otter" standing by his WWII Spitfire Circa 1944.He was a Test Pilot for De Havilland and Salesman / Demo Pilot when the sale of the DHC3's were going on all over N. America in '52 and '53. USAF Brass gave him the nickname.

CF-EYO was the Aircraft he used on the Demo flights. He also logged time in CF-DYK, either as C/P or 2nd Pilot

DYK is Reg #001
EYO is Reg #016