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EJ "Stoopy" Petre
Version v1.10 09/1
Compatibility Microsoft FSX/SP2 Acceleration
File Size 23.7 MB
Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:38 pm

"EZ" Install - Pigsty Repaint Package for Tim "Piglet" Conrad's wonderful PT-19 for Microsoft FSX/SP2 Acceleration. All credit goes to the original author!

11 liveries, new sound files, and other neat-o extras in one simple-to-install package!

This package installs the following:

- Tim "Piglet" Conrad's PT-19 Cornell for FSX SP2/Acceleration* with the following enhancements:
- 11 additional fictional and semi-fictional liveries including Richard "Fr8ycat" Frady's polished aluminum "Eight Ball" racer, Midland TX CAF's PT-26-inspired trainer livery courtesy of Bobby "1Bullet" Lea, several Golden-Age-era-inspired liveries, and 3 highly fictional WWII-era military-based liveries including "Gretchen", a personal liaison aircraft for the JG300 Wilde Sau Gruppe. :)
- Don Putnam’s very nice freely redistributable Gypsy Major engine sounds.
- Will automatically copy the gauge file over to your FSX gauges folder per the original README instructions
- Adds several custom external camera views
- Corrects slow pan rate in rear cockpit VC

To Install, unzip and run the executable. The installer will attempt to locate your FSX installation. If it fails to do so, please point it at your FSX main folder.

*NOTE* That the liveries are hard-coded within a new aircraft.cfg file which will replace your existing file if you have already installed the stock PT-19, and eliminate any entries you may have manually added if you have downloaded and installed any additional textures. If you still want to use this package, then direct the installer to install to a different, temporary folder somewhere on your hard drive, then manually copy the folder content over to your PT-19 folder, and copy the relevant livery and camera view entries from the new aircraft.cfg file to your existing aircraft.cfg file.

Although all credit for his work is certainly given, appreciated and valued, as the hosting site, Com-Central will provide any and all support for this package and Tim "Piglet" Conrad is not tied to this effort nor should be expected to provide any support, . Permission to include the PT-19 was requested but no replied to as of the publish date for this freeware package; the README for the original does not expressly indicate desire to not redistribute his work. If this changes and we hear from the author that he would not like his aircraft included, we will happily remove it. Since Com-Central assume the support role for this package, this package is *only* to be downloaded from So do not distribute, please.