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The Aviation Bug :: Archived
A general meeting place for all pilots!
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Author Message
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Joined: Jan 12, 2005
Posts: 511
Location: British Columbia, Canada
PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 3:44 am
Post subject: The Aviation Bug

Where did you get bit? When? What by? Personaly, it was an ad for CFS 3 that did it for me. It showed a downed Bf-109 G with 5 Spits flying over with varying amounts of damage. Then I got it for Christmas 2001, joined the 92 and so on. Some of you may have seen it. It's on page 11 of Century of Flight Classic Aircraft Series No.12 by Key Publishing. Lets see some stories seeming as my last attempt at paintjobs failed!

'Aut Pugna aut Morere'
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Joined: Mar 11, 2005
Posts: 358

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 4:37 am
Post subject: Re: The Aviation Bug

When did I get bit by aviation? Who knows? I've always wanted to be a pilot, and now I am. Been flying since I was 14, and am now at university training to be a professional pilot. I am also on the university's flying team which is a member of NIFA. If anyone is near Columbus OH May 8-13, come out to the airport and root for the University of North Dakota! I may or may not be there, it depends on how much I study Wink

As for flight sims, I remember having fun with Jetighter III. It was fun, so I never really looked at it as being highly unrealistic (and it was :)). I think I also had FS95 at one point, cause I remember there was a technology class it middle school, where one of the labs was a flight sim, and my teacher was impressed by how well I landed the plane Wink A friend of mine also had FS98, and we'd play that every now and then at his house. The graphics were amazing! Then came... CFS. I played that game for something like three years, much to the chagrin of my parents. I also got FS2000 after it came out, and was addicted to that. Since then, I've gotten FS2004, PF, and LOMAC, but most of my time nowadays is devoted to RL flying instead of simming.


[TSF]Lt. Col. XcalibeR{5thF}
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Joined: Feb 04, 2005
Posts: 293
Location: Mn,USA
PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 10:40 pm
Post subject: Re: The Aviation Bug

Hmmm , Let's see if i can condence this to a minimum ... lol

It's '97 and I had just gotten a shiny new P-333 :puke: lol and i was learning the ropes , you know , The difficult thing's like powering up/down , checking e-mail , and typing with more than just my index finger Wink . After a month or so , My father in law called me over to his house to check out this Great new game called "Warbird's" . When i arrived i walked down to the basement to the sound of , what can only be decribed as a touret's convention ... I had never known that you can actually play Head to Head with other's online ( And yell so loud at your monitor ) ... I watched for a good hour as he was getting wing's lobbed off and burning slowly to the ground , I just had to try it - and there it is LoL - The next year MS released Combat Flight Simulator , and you know i was first in line, got my copy and drove home as quick as i could ... mind you nearly clipping 3 elderly ladies and one french poodle ... Long story even longer - I get home , Install and there is somthing offering to take me to the "Zone" - I thought to myself - Hey , I like the zone , let'er RIP BABY YEAH ! (well maybe not that excited but what the hey , makes for good reading Wink ) After MANY , MANY , MANY great year's , Great friend's ... and one VERY cool convention ( Thanks Bushy ) I find myself finally now on the outside looking in ... How i long for some of them old day's every so often Wink


Ullus Vicis , Ullus Qua.
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Joined: Feb 21, 2005
Posts: 22

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 10:47 pm
Post subject: Re: The Aviation Bug

Don't ya kinda miss the good ole days of flying?.... (CFS DAYS)
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Joined: Nov 19, 2004
Posts: 449

PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 1:10 am
Post subject: Re: The Aviation Bug

My first was on a nintendo system, a game called "Stealth" fighter..I used to make my neighbor sick when he watched my fly it..lol..from there it went on to CFS1 with my first PC...never really got the habg of it though, CFS2 suited me more for some reason and I absolutly loved that game...I still to this day feel that the smoke trails in CFS2 are way better than what IL2 is putting out...but I'm not bitter...lol..CFS3 for me was a dog, kind of a dressed up version of CFS1..even sounds like it to me...(No offense to you CFS3 lovers, just never really cared for it)...anyway, I've always been into flying & racing...the only games I truly love..

in reality I did get to fly a real Cessna 3 times and that was a total rush but the biggest rush of my life so far was Skydiving from 14,000 ft...can't wait until I get to do that again...
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Joined: Jan 05, 2005
Posts: 1116
Location: Odessa, Texas
PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 4:09 am
Post subject: Re: The Aviation Bug

Well since I'm almost a 1/2 century old my love of flight started when I was about 6 yrs old and realized my Dad was a flight instructor during WW 2. We didn't live to far from the local airport and I use to run outside and watch the Cessnas, Pipers. Beechcraft, and Sailplanes fly over. (I still do!). Back in those days you could go out to the airfield and just walk around and look at all the planes. He would take me out to the Ector Co. airport(now Schleymeyer Field KODO) or out to Midland -Odessa regional( Now Midland International KMAF) My B-25 was located at sherwoood park. It was an actual B-25 set out in the park for us kids to play on. dang thing even had bullet holds in it....Smelled like cat s*** but we didn't care. Flew alot of missions in that old bird. It was cool to slide through the tunnel under the cockpit to the bombadier station in the nose... Imagination....aint it great. We built models of lots and lots of planes. then for a while I turned to cars........but then my uncles got their flying ticket and we went flying quite a bit. got the bug again. My dad got his commercial and instructor rating back and I took lessons from him. I also worked for Mr. Roy Schleymeyer(yep he's the one the airport is named for) for flight time in the glider. My actual flying career ended when my first one was born. Just cost to much money. Then the flight sim. My first was FS4. jet fighter, fleet defender, and some others I don't remember the names of, most of the MS flight simulators except CFS1 and 2. Don't ask me why. CFS3 came out and I got a better computer to use it on. did a campaign and won. Multiplayer HMMmm I'll give it a try. I got my butt kicked. Kinda blew my ego there for a while Confused . Man I would stay up to the wee hours of the morning trying to be a fighter pilot. Then I found Com-Central and ole bush and his combat tips really helped me out. Met JG300 Turkey at an online airshow. got invited to try out for the squad..(and made it (whew). Then got turned on to FS 2002 and then FS9.
Imagination aint it wonderful.... Mr. Green


You've never been lost until you've been lost at Mach 3
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Joined: Jan 10, 2005
Posts: 583
Location: vernon BC
PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 5:00 am
Post subject: Re: The Aviation Bug

When I was around 11-12 years old we had a family friend who was golden B.C.'s main helicopter pilot,(I think in those days there were only 2) he worked for okanogon helicopters.
I wasnt considered a very social kid so stuck to myself alot. for about 4 years during the summers I would hang out at his little hangar and sweep up, help with washing the helo (jetranger), and just basically being a pain in the ass, Shocked ,,I was well rewarded though and I think by the time I was in my mid teens I had racked up about 50 or so hours ....(charity rides).....in a helo. I remember one summer in particular actually working as his loading\unloading assistant and was flying deep into the rockies to load up wooden trays full of core samples...my payment was just getting to come along....,,
I remember our first PC and having the original microsoft flight simulator but all I really did was the WW1 simulator built right into the game,,,I have always wanted to be a pilot but dedicating myself to anything academic is nearly impossible to this day for me so flight school is a rather scary thought.

although I will most likely never have a license to fly I have flown in aircraft quite a bit and mostly in choppers....so I am not totally deprived....some years ago I worked as a chokerman for a heli-logging outfit and if I told you some of the crazy crap that was done,, you probably wouldnt believe me anyways...but I will say.....its not the kinda stuff that you gonna get to do by going on a helicopter tour.

but yeah,,,,,,I think the majority of everyone here in CC got bit at an early age......



Many thing's in life are dirt cheap.........
is not one of them.....
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Joined: Jun 14, 2005
Posts: 212
Location: Houston, TX!
PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 8:58 pm
Post subject: Re: The Aviation Bug

When my dad introduced me to FS98 when I was about 7 years old..... been hooked since


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Joined: Dec 04, 2005
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Wed Mar 01, 2006 11:38 pm
Post subject: Re: The Aviation Bug

Got hooked after trying a demo from a game web site., man, how it exploded. cfs3, il2, fs9 waiting for new edition. went from a cheap HP to my second special built unit, Ran out of room and had to add another drive. Whats next??? Wife has the big screen and i got the dual screen, lmao....
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Joined: Jan 06, 2005
Posts: 154
Location: Xenia,Ohio
PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 3:14 am
Post subject: Re: The Aviation Bug

My obsession with aircraft started very early (early 60's). I grew up about 10 miles from Wright-Patterson AFB. In those days sonic booms were common place. Some of my neighbors were active duty AF, so talking to them alot sent it on further. Then there is my uncle Joe, He was on Henderson Field in Aug of '42 right after the airfield was secured. I used to sit up for hours listening to him talk about the war. He was a mechanic on the Wildcats and knew Joe Foss. I guess as far as computer flying it would have to be CFS1 that started it going for me. Been at it since 1999 and am still with the same bunch of great guys.

Oh btw, The Air Force museum is near too. I wore it out as a kid.

Kokutai 251
Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force
Rabaul, New Britain

[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\Mark\My Documents\My Received Files\My Pictures\Marks\NMRAFL06JA9460.jpg[IMG]
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Joined: Jan 06, 2005
Posts: 703
Location: Illinois
PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 12:47 pm
Post subject: Re: The Aviation Bug

I got FS2000 at Christmas 2001. Next came CFS3 and I really got bit.

"Well, I gotta go...Yeh I'm running out of change"

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