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UBI Forum Changes
This is for General Discussions about the IL2 game and expansion packs!
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Joined: Mar 29, 2010
Posts: 918
Location: Corona, California
PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:28 pm
Post subject: UBI Forum Changes

The UBI forums aren't used for IL-2 all that much anymore and these new features and changes at the UBI forums imo seem to be geared towards driving the use of all of their forums, not just the IL-2 specific ones, from little used to never used.
Source: forums.ubi.com/showthr...the-forums

- Ubi-Surulies @ UBI forums
Dear Ubisoft Community,

We wanted to take the time to reach out to you today to share some exciting changes in store for the Ubisoft Forums. In order to give you the best possible experience, we are adding some new features as well as changing or removing some that no longer fit our vision for your forums, which is, to give an easy to read, consistent look and feel to all of the sites you use when playing Ubisoft titles.

Recent changes you may have already noticed:
  • Official Post Style – Ubisoft Staff posts are now highlighted in blue, so you can be 100% sure who is an official spokesperson for Ubisoft.
  • Latest Official Post Shortcut – Ubisoft logo icon that allows you to jump to the latest official post by Ubisoft Staff in that thread.
New features:
  • Upvoting Posts – You will be able to upvote & downvote posts.
  • Avatars – Forum avatars will be replaced by Ubisoft Club avatars – the process for this will be as follows:
    • If you currently have no avatar on the Forums or simply don’t care about having one, you won’t need to take any action. Your profile will be automatically updated by displaying your Ubisoft Club avatar instead. (Note that, if you don’t have an Ubisoft Club avatar, you will be given a default one.)
    • If you currently have a custom avatar in the Forums and wish to keep it, you’ll need to upload it to the club website - club.ubi.com. Failing to do so will cause your custom avatar to be replaced by your Ubisoft Club avatar and your custom avatar will be lost unless you have a backup! We will give everyone plenty of advance notice of when this change will actually take place, so you have time to prepare.
    • If you are already using your Ubisoft Club avatar on the Forums, you have nothing to do.
  • Signatures – We will be removing the signature feature, to allow for smoother thread reading.
Features in the pipeline:
  • Ubisoft Club Names – In order for you to have a consistent identity across Ubisoft platforms, we’ll be replacing Forum names with Ubisoft Club names.
  • Forum Friends – In order to make it easier to find your in-game friends, we’ll be replacing Forum-specific friends with Ubisoft Club friends.
  • Avatars – As mentioned earlier, all forum avatars will be replaced by Ubisoft Club avatars.
We hope you are as excited as we are about these upcoming changes. As always, if you have any questions about these upcoming changes, our staff will do their best to answer them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for being a member of the Ubisoft Community!


Cheers Smile

Planes of Fame Air Museum | March Field Air Museum | Palm Springs Air Museum
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Power User

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Joined: Mar 29, 2010
Posts: 918
Location: Corona, California
PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:24 pm
Post subject: Re: UBI Forum Changes

I knew they had already made up their minds and were not going to listen to the user base when I read the announcement but removing the signatures really loses a lot of the useful information that was still available in the 1C:Maddox forums. I can't even begin to remember how many times I was able to follow a link that was in someones signature that was dead when I clicked on it but it still had a lot of useful information such as missions, skins, and even tutorials on the game when you checked the link out the Internet Archive. Without the signatures you won't even know there was something that might have been worth checking out. Sad


Cheers Smile

Planes of Fame Air Museum | March Field Air Museum | Palm Springs Air Museum
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