Something In A Larger Size, Perhaps?
Something In A Larger Size, Perhaps?
_POTD_SUBON26-03-2011 13:13

piney - 15-04-2011 02:35  
piney - 15-04-2011 02:38  
Obviously another blatent example of ATC asleep at the tower
siskens - 15-04-2011 05:28  
whether the ATC slept or watched TV..... Rolling Eyes ...this DWARFS earlier and seemingly courageous attempts to barnstorm Moffatt - W O W W W ..(.and now for the other hangers....). Wink
JG300-Stoopy - 15-04-2011 05:45  
^^^ THIS ^^^ is the real reason we build large hangars.

That you can park various types of aircraft in them for storage & safekeeping is but a secondary benefit.

Glad to see the Nimrod hasn't been completely retired from duty yet!

JG300-1Bullet - 15-04-2011 07:23  
JG300-Ascout - 15-04-2011 08:05  
Easy-Peasy...there must be six feet of wing-tip clearance on the Nimrod where the door is wide.

I have reason to believe it can be done inverted with this aircraft, too....but if ain't pretty, it doesn't get submitted. Wink