i-16 with no tail!!! shocking!!!
i-16 with no tail!!! shocking!!!
_POTD_SUBON07-06-2012 15:00

piney - 13-06-2012 05:16  
JG300-Ascout - 13-06-2012 06:39  
Unfortunate encounter with JG300, perhaps? Twisted Evil
sven_c - 13-06-2012 07:15  
oh this shot was taken in '41. JG300 wasn't there at that time. Sorry Ascout Crying or Very sad

But maybe the pilot who founded JG300 shot down this plane Mr. Green

(operations of the real JG300, 1943-1945)
JG300-Stoopy - 13-06-2012 10:52  
Very nice 'Tailless Rat' and hope to see many more screenies from you, sven_c!!

JG300-Ascout - 13-06-2012 11:18  
Mebbe' it was Stoopy in his pre-JG300 schooling days in an Arado 66 with a Luger... Laughing
sven_c - 13-06-2012 12:01  
Hey Stoopy!! I got an album with my screenshots in my photo gallery. Check it out. Smile
sven_c - 14-06-2012 08:10  
it must take great skill to shoot down an I-16 in an Arado 66, as these were unarmed trainers, but with a LUGER!!! Shocked Shocked You can't even set his engine an fire without runnng out of ammo. Mr. Green