Reaping The Whirlwinds
Reaping The Whirlwinds
_POTD_SUBON25-11-2012 12:46

piney - 16-12-2012 05:30  

you guys better start buying some flak guns Laughing
sven_c - 16-12-2012 06:02  
either the land or the 109s are the wrong color. these two clash. Wink
Tanklord - 16-12-2012 06:34  
A couple of Wirblewinds or Coelians should get the job done!
JG300-Stoopy - 16-12-2012 08:39  
Apparently our perimeter defense patrol schedules have become too predictable - we're going to have to move Taco Night from Thursdays to Tuesdays just to free up some pilots and shake things up.

JG300-Ascout - 16-12-2012 09:01  

Can you even use a wirbelwind to shoot down a whirlwind? There may be a rule about using weapons with the same name against each other! Shocked
siskens - 16-12-2012 09:04  
Rolling Eyes Oh My.........it's getting a bit rough... 't will be no quiet ending of the year....better have a few ! Seasonal Greetings to all!
Tanklord - 16-12-2012 09:17  
Just call me crazy! Laughing
piney - 16-12-2012 16:45  
If you can't use the wirbelwind switch to the ostwind Laughing Laughing