Arkadaş! Yurduma alçakları uğratma, sakın!
Arkadaş! Yurduma alçakları uğratma, sakın!
_POTD_SUBON28-11-2012 15:59

sven_c - 17-12-2012 05:40  
WOW!! That's a nice 737. Cool Cool Cool
piney - 17-12-2012 05:54  
JG300-Ascout - 17-12-2012 08:14  
Turkish version of a "Rivet Joint" aircraft?
JG300-Ascout - 17-12-2012 08:23  

"This airborne early warning and control
aircraft was developed for the Royal Australian Air Force using the 737 airframe,
and is also being acquired by South Korea and Turkey.
Unlike the aging E-3 AWACS planes in the U.S. fleet, which mechanically rotate their radars to achieve 360-degree coverage, the lighter Australian aircraft employs a fixed radar that is electronically scanned.

siskens - 17-12-2012 12:42  
"My friend! Leave not my homeland to the hands of villainous men!".. a translation for all my non-turkish speaking friends......
JG300-Stoopy - 17-12-2012 16:24  
Thank you for the translation Hans, although I was happy with what I was imagining the Turksih pilot was saying...."Sit down, shut up, and hang on!!!" Mr. Green