OOOHH, there you are ........
OOOHH, there you are ........
_POTD_SUBON28-11-2012 16:03

JG300-Stoopy - 19-01-2013 08:40  
As sexy as Mama Cass in a tight 60's Go-Go dress! Razz Laughing Shocked

piney - 19-01-2013 10:18  
JG300-Ascout - 19-01-2013 11:11  
I swear they start stocking the new spring fashions earlier every year. Can't you see it's just the industry manipulating you into spending more money?!

We may have to take a second look at The Manolos' non-exclusivity contract.
HF_SlowHand - 19-01-2013 15:28  
I dont know why (snort) you sau's are talking fashion... that things food!

Look at that thing...

be still my sweettooth! Mr. Green