wonder if the food's any good?
wonder if the food's any good?
_POTD_SUBON06-11-2013 14:39

JG300-Ascout - 22-11-2013 05:20  
Well, the facilities look light years ahead of what he had at the Com-Central Wilderness Camp at Tipella. I'm not sure we should have granted him a lease at KORS, but willing to see how it works out. I'll try to get this stuff installed on laptop over weekend. As I have FSX (uninstalled), where, exactly to I go now to get the necessary downloads for this?
Freiherr_Kiefer - 22-11-2013 07:50  
You can get the New Sty/ KORS in the download section here. If You think there is any interest feel free to upload it at Hovercontrol with my blessings.

Stoopy is testing the Wilderness Camp RC-2 now and (if he stops laughing Wink ) it will hopefully be in the download section soon, and the Mountain Lake Beta is almost ready for testing
JG300-Stoopy - 22-11-2013 10:49  

Testing on my end will be completed today or tomorrow, I finally have a day off! Mr. Green
JG300-fr8ycat - 22-11-2013 15:16  
Only if he's serving Lamb Chops.

piney - 22-11-2013 18:21  
If you only knew Laughing