mating ritual
mating ritual
_POTD_SUBON09-07-2015 19:39

JG300-Stoopy - 16-08-2015 05:49  
How much did those folks down there pay to watch?

And are trenchcoats considered proper attire?? Twisted Evil Mr. Green Razz

JG300-Ascout - 16-08-2015 11:35  
"After ze' female uses 'er ovipositor to deposit ze' eggs on ze' mooring mast, ze' circling male weeel pass over ze' eggs and spread his seed overhead to fertilize zem', completing ze' cycle of life. And zo', having witnessed ano'zer meeracle of ze' nature, ze' Calypzo once again sets sail for a new destination of discoverie....."
piney - 16-08-2015 13:43  
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
JG300-Stoopy - 16-08-2015 14:14  
Razz Razz LMAO!! Razz Razz
JG300-Stoopy - 16-08-2015 20:44  
JG300-Stoopy - 16-08-2015 20:45