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 "EZ" Pigsty Repaint Pack for Tim "Piglet" Conrad's PT-19 (103 hits)
Contributed by JG300-Stoopy on 18-Sep-2011
"EZ" Install - Pigsty Repaint Package for Tim "Piglet" Conrad's wonderful PT-19 for Microsoft FSX/SP2 Acceleration. All credit goes to the original author!

11 liveries, new sound files, and other neat-o extras in one simple-to-install package!...

 "Flying Razorback" A-10 (1 hits)
Contributed by Freiherr_Kiefer on 27-Jun-2010
Flying Razorback...

 2 Bridge Defense (Single Player) (10 hits)
Contributed by on 01-Mar-2005
Heavy bomber raid...

 341st Squadron CFS1 Planes Collection (29 hits)
Contributed by on 15-Dec-2005
A collection of 2 CFS1 planes from the 341st Squadron....

 4 Coops (4 hits)
Contributed by on 21-Feb-2005
4 coops by AAA_Leadsled

Train busting, torpedo run, night run on convoy, and a base attack....

 4.08 IL-2 1946 PDF Files (2 hits)
Contributed by wheelsup_cavu on 22-Dec-2010
All IL-2 reference material as supplied with the game, includes manual, aircraft and control guides....

 4.09 Guide (9 hits)
Contributed by wheelsup_cavu on 22-Dec-2010
A detailed guide of the contents of the v4.09m patch from Maddox/Daidalos. The guide describes in great detail new aircraft, maps and features....

 4.09 Readme (2 hits)
Contributed by wheelsup_cavu on 22-Dec-2010
V4.09m Readme file...

 4.10 Documentation (22 hits)
Contributed by wheelsup_cavu on 22-Dec-2010
Version 4.10 Patch documentation

* 4.10_Guide.pdf
* Historical_Notes_Hs129.pdf
* MDS_Guide.pdf
* Readme_410m.rtf...

 4.11 Guide (0 hits)
Contributed by wheelsup_cavu on 25-Oct-2013
A detailed guide of the contents of the v4.11m patch from the Daidalos Team. The guide describes in great detail new aircraft, maps and features....

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 NEW JG300 Pigsty Scenery for FSX/Prepar3D Released!
Contributed by JG300-Stoopy on 20-Oct-2013
The prolific and gracious Freiherr_Kiefer has outdone himself this time, and has created a stunning and *quite expansive* new sc...
Topic: HOT NEWS! (No Comments)

 A FSX PT19 Now available as an "EZ" File!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 21-Sep-2011
The PT19 is a great aircraft for STOL and Com-Central is proud to bring you our newest "EZ" file! This "One Click" install w...
Topic: New "EZ" Downloads! (2 Comments)

 Orbx Simulation Systems releases FTX NA BLUE - USA Canada Pacific Northwest
Contributed by Uhu_Fledermaus on 01-Mar-2010
Orbx Simulation Systems releases FTX NA BLUE - USA Canada Pacific Northwest Welcome to North America, and Orbx's most ambitio...
Topic: fsx_big X (5 Comments)

 The "Uiver" Team releases the Douglas DC2 for fsX
Contributed by Uhu_Fledermaus on 06-Nov-2009
The "Uiver" Team releases the Douglas DC2 for fsX This is a complete rework as a TRUE native FSX product, with improved 3D ...
Topic: fsx_big X (1 Comment)

 FTX AU RED Released !
Contributed by Uhu_Fledermaus on 07-Jan-2009
January 8th, 2009 - For immediate release Orbx is proud to finally complete the FTX series for Australia, with its final FTXA...
Topic: fsx_big X (1 Comment)

 REX- Real Environment eXtreme goes gold
Contributed by Uhu_Fledermaus on 30-Nov-2008
Topic: HOT NEWS! (2 Comments)

 YSCH Coffs Harbour Released
Contributed by Uhu_Fledermaus on 07-Nov-2008
Orbx is pleased to announce the immediate availability of YSCH Coffs Harbour Airport, the first payware GA airport the company h...
Topic: fsx_big X (2 Comments)

 Add-On for BUSH Flights is here!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 06-Nov-2008
Finally, after a couple months of work, the CC Bush Flights Total Scenery Package is complete and ready to download! This packag...
Topic: CC Bush Flights (No Comments)

Contributed by Uhu_Fledermaus on 02-Oct-2008
PRESS RELEASE October 3rd, 2008; For Immediate Release. Orbx is pleased the announce the release of FTX AU GREEN, the larg...
Topic: HOT NEWS! (2 Comments)

 Microsoft Flight Sim X SP2 Update is available
Contributed by JG300-Stoopy on 15-Dec-2007
FSX Service Pack 2 (SP2) Update is now available The second performance update / service patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator...
Topic: fsx_big X (1 Comment)

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get that sailboat off the runway!...

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Aleutian Tiger...

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