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Search Results: IL2

Search Results in Downloads:

 AVG Campaign Pack (Part 1 of 2) (87 hits)
Contributed by on 01-Mar-2005
English version of the super detailed AVG campaign for IL2 Forgotten Battles with skins, pilots, medals, background picture, national insigna, 37 mission campaign, and much more....

 AVG Campaign Pack (Part 2 of 2) (59 hits)
Contributed by on 01-Mar-2005
English version of the super detailed AVG campaign for IL2 Forgotten Battles with skins, pilots, medals, background picture, national insigna, 37 mission campaign, and much more....

 French Campaign Pack (45 hits)
Contributed by on 01-Mar-2005
French mission folder for IL2 Forgotten Battles with medals, speech, background picture, national insignia and bonus Swiss mini campaign. Comes as self intalling file to make installation a snap!...

 IL2 Camo (1 hits)
Contributed by on 18-Feb-2005
IL 2 skin by Aleksey_249th....

 IL2 Desert Dogfight mission pack (4 hits)
Contributed by sven_c on 10-Jul-2012
A couple of desert dogfights with the Bf-109 and the Spitfire....

 IL2 DogFight Air Racing Version 4.08M (12 hits)
Contributed by 401RCAF_Jel on 28-Mar-2008
DogFight Air Racing Mission File...

 IL2 FBDaemon2 (76 hits)
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 16-Jun-2007
A great add-on for Auto Rotation of Maps running on a Dedicated IL2 Server....

 IL2 Nightbomber (3 hits)
Contributed by on 17-Feb-2005
IL2 skin by Aleksey_249th....

 IL2 Server 4.08 Complete (77 hits)
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 17-Jun-2007
A complete Server package starting with the base server and all updates to 4.08 for the Popular IL2 including 1946....

 IL2 Sonderkommando Elbe campaign (5 hits)
Contributed by sven_c on 15-Jul-2012
A static 5 mission campaign on what if the Sonderkommando Elbe had continued operations after April 7, 1945....

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Search Results in News:

 Hell Fighters Memorial Flight is coming up!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 16-Apr-2007
[img]http://hellfighters.com-central.net/hf_avatar.gif[/img] A Memorial Flight for the passing of HF Squadron member HF_Scuba wi...
Topic: (1 Comment)

 Newe Skins for IL2!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 06-Jan-2007
[img]http://www.com-central.net/images/newsimages/il2complete.jpg[/img] CC Member Obelix has announced some great new skins for ...
Topic: (No Comments)

 Airwarefare's IL2 Manual!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 13-May-2006
[img]http://www.airwarfare.com/images/index/pf.jpg[/img] Airwarefare has been doing a Wiki-IL2 Manual and if you don't know wha...
Topic: (2 Comments)

 Get ALL the IL2 installs on one DVD!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 20-Apr-2006
[img]http://www.com-central.net/images/newsimages/il2complete.jpg[/img] - RM_bizkid For those who want to simplify a re-in...
Topic: (1 Comment)

 New HyperLobby Client is released!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 11-Apr-2006
[img]http://hyperfighter.sk/themes/Aeolus/images/logo.gif[/img] - RM_bizkid New version of Hyperlobby is available for...
Topic: (1 Comment)

 WEC Winners! Round 15!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 10-Mar-2006
[img]http://wechallenge.com-central.net/fusion/themes/Gen-X/images/logo.png[/img] Combat reports! THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!! The 1...
Topic: (1 Comment)

 IL2 Pacific Fighters Update!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 01-Feb-2006
[img]http://www.pacific-fighters.com/en/skins/S1/images/porte_avion_02.jpg[/img] Nausicaa Reports...We're pleased to announce th...
Topic: (1 Comment)

 15th Round of WEC coming up!!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 26-Dec-2005
[img]http://wechallenge.com-central.net/fusion/themes/Gen-X/images/logo.png[/img] ~S~ Ladies and Gentlemen, The 15th round...
Topic: (1 Comment)

 Battle of Britain II Wings of Victory!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 09-Nov-2005
Com Central is proud to announce another No Nonsense review for our readers! We're done with the review of Battle of Britain, Wi...
Topic: (1 Comment)

 More Spit Skins for IL2!!
Contributed by Shadow_Bshwackr on 18-Aug-2005
Oblelix has released more incredible skins for the IL2/Pacific Fighters game!! These skins are 'must have' and is available on C...
Topic: Pacific Fighters Game (1 Comment)

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Search Results in Coppermine:

 Hanging out with the bush

 Torn up!

 Newer Settings!!!
High settings kick ass!...

 Just more showoffs!

 Warhawk lost a tire!

 Don't Shoot!!!!

 P-47 finally looks like a P-47!!!

 Group Photo
Just us...notice how low a bunch of trees drops the framerate....

 Ed's modified Skin
Skin Warhawk modified......

 Just a closeup
Once again...Ed's Skin...

 Old graphics
What they looked like before the new drivers......

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