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This is for General Discussions about the CFS1 game.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2005 4:34 am
Post subject: CAMPAIGNS FOR CFS1

~S~ All
I will be adding links to CFS1 campaigns as I find them. Enjoy.

- UHU_Fritzl65
S! Alle.
Apperantly the website for the North Africa campaign was taken down right when i posted the first time. Please check out this link
On these pages you will find everything necessary for inclusion into this CFS1 event.
We fly each 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.
We are in need of axis pilots.
Please consider it .

2. RAF 1942 English Channel Campaign with 16 missions fm Elwood.

3. Malta 1942 Campaign with 6 missions fm Elwood.

4. Norway 1940, 1941, 1942 Campaigns with a total of 20 missions fm Elwood.

5. Giants in the Sky. 1933. Germany starts to bomb London using the Giant Zeppelin. Includes 9 missions & 4 aircraft - XF5s Skyrocket, British Hawk, German Krieghund & the Zeppelin. By Dan (Reno) Shippey. File size 853933

6. - CFS Campaigns - by ickie
The Battle of the Bulge What was to become known as The Battle of the Bulge began in the early morning hours of December 16th, 1944. Operation GREIF was an assault by some 500 tanks, 350 guns and 1,300 artillery pieces against the United States First Army and was supported by over 1,300 Luftwaffe fighters and bombers. In spite of the terribly poor weather conditions, huge numbers of missions are flown - on both sides - in support of their respective troops. About The CFS Campaign The initial missions included with the Campaign revolve around the 23rd and 24th of December, with an initial mission covering a key group of sorties on the 18th. Five of these first missions are from December 23rd alone, so get ready for a busy day. Installation To fly as a Campaign simply copy the .cmg & .mis files to your CFS campaigns directory. The missions can be flown as Single Missions by copying the .mis files to the CFS missions directory. Copyright © 1999 William Potvin II.

7. A Bridge Too Far - 0600 17 September 1944, St. Omer France, the start of Operation Market Garden is hours away. Fly with the 2nd Royal Tactical Air Force from start to finish along the Road to Arnhen. 6 new missions plus an expanded version of the original XXX Corps mission. Scenery to replace the missing area know as "The Island" between Arnhem and Nijmegen complete with towns, bridges, roads, plus the villages of Oosterbeck, Driel and Elst. Includes pilot's Map Case, Operations Orders and all required AI only aircraft. Requires Typhoon and Tempest Package by P.H.F. Burnage (below). Designed by G.K. Bond. Scenery by Paul Harmon. Luftwaffe textures by Marcello Aerni. See text file for additional credits. 3.3MB - see update below

8. The 56th Fighter Group - Zemke's Wolfpack - This campaign includes a set of missions flown by the 56th Fighter Group, as described by Robert S. Johnson in his book Thunderbolt!. This is for CFS1 ONLY.

9. What was to become known as The Battle of the Bulge began in the early morning hours of December 16th, 1944. Operation GREIF was an assault by some 500 tanks, 350 guns and 1,300 artillery pieces against the United States First Army and was supported by over 1,300 Luftwaffe fighters and bombers.

10. 617 Squadron Campaign. : You fly 3 simple Dambuster missions, 4 free fall precision bombing missions against specific targets and a ground attack mission in a Mosquito dedicated to W/C Gibson, KIA 20/09/44. You should easily achieve Sq/L with DFC. Requires Roger Lowery's RAF662 BI, Keith Clifford's (Lanc15) and a P. H. F. Burnage Mosquito FBVI (mosqfb2). Aircraft not supplied. Alternative FS98 Mosquito airfile and panel provided. Post Dambuster panel for Lanc15 with campaign briefing maps and lists. AJG (Lanc15) will carry representative bomb loads, a general 5000 or 7500 lb load, an Upkeep weapon 9000lb or Tallboy 12000lb load. Fuel load for Tirpitz and the Bravarian Alps missions is 15400 lbs others 10800lbs. Bonus Lancaster Panel layout with full post war ADF. Requires my Dambuster Tribute package for Scampton & scenery. Three Luftwaffe missions included. Package by Ross McLennan 1.3MB. FILE NAME: 617_Camp.zip

11. BARBAROSSA A campaign for CFS 1 This is barbarossa seen from the soviet side. Taken by surprise by the German invasion, and kept off balance by their rapid advance, the summer of 1941 could well have been the end of the soviet union. But the Russians managed to hold on until the arrival of winter and reserves from the east. 17 missions that take you from the first days of the invasion of the Soviet Union to the defense of Moscow. Five aircraft included, incorporates C Burgess's Crimea scenery. Richard Steele. 2.9MB

PATCH FILE FOR THE BARBAROSSA CAMPAIGN Responding to E mails concerning problems with I-16 as a drone, I have rewritten the early mission files so that the entire campaign can be flown with the Lagg-3. Richard Steele. 50K

12. WW1 Campaign 1914-1918 Belgian Side. Ever dreamt of flying as wingman of Jan Olieslager, the Big Belgian Ace from the great war? This Campaign is fiction but tries to recapture the atmosphere from the flying circusses in WW1. Original scenery from different auteurs. All aircraft included with new Air and Dpfile and scaled up for better visibility and less collision risk. Made by A.F.Scrub. 3.9MB

Update for Belgian WW1 Campaign Would you like to catch those invincible Gotha's and hear all engines turning? Replace the original Gotha with the one included and unzip new sound file to Albatros, Be2 and Spad XIII. A.F.Scrub. 294K



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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 6:22 am
Post subject: Re: CAMPAIGNS FOR CFS1

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