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Your worst nightmare....
A public forum for the JG300 Wild Sau Gruppe!
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Joined: Jan 05, 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:08 am
Post subject: Your worst nightmare....

...has come to pass. Stoopy, being better organized in his picture filing, will find the original before I will, but our "worst case scenario" has finally come to pass. Let the record show that we foresaw this more than five years ago.*

Or maybe these guys have been surfing our forum?


I think I just spit up in my mouth a little bit....yes, it's an M1919 Browning .30 cal MG mounted on one of the Teufel's abominations. Rolling Eyes

*Bingo. A search of the archives says the plane was Stoopy's prediction, and the MG was mine. 2005 the cards say....

Am I good, or am I good?
They even went with trigger actuation as predicted.

I just wish there was a way to let these a$$clowns know that they were the subject of ridicule for an actual project they seriously undertook, six years later.

"All facts go to clearly prove that Shades is a thrice-cursed traitor & mentally deranged person steeped in inveterate enmity toward mankind"
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Joined: Jan 05, 2005
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:55 am
Post subject: Re: Your worst nightmare....

Well, in a squad that keeps it's grimy fingers on the pulse of all things aeronautical, vehicular and um..ummm....ballistical as we do (is that word? It sounds...odd...), such noteworthy prescience is but commonplace.

But anyway those Teutels are unfortunately having to scurry around in an effort to stay relevant in an economy that has their overblown overpriced @ss-jewelry going nowhere fast.

Did you know that Jesse James' esteemed West Coast Choppers shop closed its doors a few months ago? Small mention of it in Cycle World magazine a while back...nary a tear was shed I believe.....what a schmuck anyway....

But you know I believe I actually watched that particular episode of "Sons Of Guns" on the History Channel a couple weeks ago, where they made that gun. Thought the Chinese dragon painting over the chrome was hideous! And from what I recall actually the Teutel's involvement was little more than just a cameo appearance to see the final product be fired on the test range. The handlebar assembly was sourced from a local chopper shop. Paul Jr.'s singular contribution to the project was suggesting a larger spring be used on the trigger return mechanism, at which point the gunsmith/owner of Red Jacket made some fawning comment about how he had "the world's best motorcycle mechanic" right there in his shop working on his gun. Yeah it was sickening...

Now if Eric Buell dropped in on the show to help design a fully automatic weapon, that'd be cool, 'specially if they shot up a few likenesses of HD corporate attorneys in effigy at the end of the show.... Wink

"Once your reputation is ruined, you can live quite freely."
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