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The Saga Begins!...the original!! :: Archived
A general meeting place for all pilots!
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Author Message

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Joined: Jan 21, 2005
Posts: 7015
Location: Central Illinois, USA
PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 8:25 pm
Post subject: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

All right boys and girls, here is the start of the original post of the "The Saga Begins!", a story line in which different people added to the post. The original post ended up being over 110 pages in Word and Com Central is proud to bring you the 'chapters' of this original story line. We'll post up a new chapter a week until all chapters are posted, then we'll turn the posting over to the patrons here to 'add' more to the story line. So, if you're all ready, let's go...

Chapter 1, The Saga Begins!

And so the saga begins...........

Shadow Bshwackr was cleaning up the mess from last night’s party; you know the one, all the booze, dim lights and loud music. When he happened to notice a pilot sitting in the corner still asleep. Thinking that this is just another one that couldn't quite get home on his own, he reached over and shook him to wake him up.

The lone pilot shook his head in a furled frenzy and wiped the sleep from his eyes and asked for two things...."Where is the bathroom and do you have any aspirin?" While he was staggering to get up, he happened to notice that all the others that he had partied with so hardy the night before had vanished! "Where is everyone?" he asked. Bushy said "Well, it seems like your the only one left and now that I can see you better, I remember you from last night! By the way, here is your aspirin and your boots are under that table over there."

So the lone pilot stumbles over to the table to retrieve his boots, slams down the aspirin and says " Hi, my name is BS_Ronski...my friends call me Ronski for short." Bushy keeps wiping up the bar and says " HI Ronski, welcome to the "Sheeps Pen" and do you need something to wash the aspirin down with?"

Ronski replies " Only if you have some imported beer, that American stuff is too weak for real beer drinkers!"

So Bush goes in the back and comes out mysteriously rubbing the front of the bottle as if to keep the sticker from coming off and says "Here ya go Ronski, that should do the trick." And with that Ronski slams the beer and aspirin and stumbles out to find his badly shot up Hurricane that he flew with against the infamous Shadow Squadron with.

He knew there wouldn't be much left, just bits and pieces, but he had to look anyway, and when he seen the ole girl, his heart felt weak. For he was flying against Shadow Of Sin and when he seen the side of his plane, there it was! Unmistakable, and almost unbelievable, were holes in the side of his plane put in there from the bullets of Sin's plane, and it said, "Shadow Rules!"...Gasp!

As Ronski was looking over with amazement, the shooting accuracy of Shadow of Sin, he happened to look up and see the other BS planes that were with him before the dogfight began.

"Yep" he said to himself " I wasn't the only one that got their plane shot up, I see that Wildride, FOD, Marc111, MoSuse, MoAce, Witeliun, Loner1, and Chaos all got shot up real bad!" Shaking his head, he looked closer and to his amazement, ALL the BS planes had some writing in bullet holes on them. Yes, on MoSuse's plane it said, "Hit the "OH" key three times!" and on Witeliun's it says, "What's up pusse'cat!"...And Ronski just looked on as he spied other saying's on the planes..."WOW!" was all he could think of.

"BUT" he thought, "Another day will come when Shadow isn't looking and then ...they will get what's coming to them." So, with a determined look on his face, he went back to the bar and said to Shadow Bshwackr, who by the way, had also flown in the dogfight...

The pilot slammed his head against the wall, wishing if just for a second, the buzzing would cease.

"@#%$ Shadow pilots!!!!!"

"Easy honey!!" his wife pleaded, "Bad dreams, that's all!!"

This wasn't the first time it happened, nor would it be the last. But it was certainly the most vivid. And he would come to that conclusion when he saw where the flak had left a slight mark on his pajamas, just below the "Ronksi" insignia.

He knew what was happening, again.

After Ronski sucked back a couple cold ones (real beer) he stood up wiped his mouth and Burrrrrrped. Wait a minute theres no way the shadow guys can be that good of shots cause he has flown with them many times.
Hmmmmmmmm he thought I got to go back and look at this now that he can see straight after those 2 mugs of brew.

As he walks back into the hanger and looks at the BS planes his eyes bug out in disbelief WAIT A MINUTE he says these aren't real bullet holes these are the free stickers you get from Cracker Jacks!

Suddenly, Ronski feels his wife shaking him again...."Wake up!" she said. "It's a nightmare!" she added. Ronski replies, "You got that right!" and gets to his feet and stumbles to the kitchen to get some coffee.

A strange and eerie feeling comes over him..."Wait a minute" he thinks to himself, "Where did this bullet hole come from?" He was looking at the jacket he had worn the night before. Still wondering, it dawned on him." Maybe it wasn't a dream, but it certainly was a nightmare!"..."I have to call MoAce right away!" He says to himself, and with that, picks up the phone.

"Hello" was the response at the other end. "Hello, this is Ronski, is MoAce home?" he asked. Silence was all he could hear and finally an answer came "No, he didn't come home after the fight against Shadow last night, probably still walking home!" was the answer he got.....

"OH NO!" thought Ronski..."Could it be?".... And with that thought in mind, he took a hard look at his jacket "What's this, a eject button taped to his jacket!"...

And thinks to himself " I really need another beer, and where are those cracker jacks!"

Chapter 2 coming next week, stay tuned... Wink

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Aircraft Demolition Expert

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 2:17 am
Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!


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PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 3:58 pm
Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

Here we go again lol..
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Joined: Jan 21, 2005
Posts: 7015
Location: Central Illinois, USA
PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 5:59 am
Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

And...we continue with Chapter 2...Wink

"HUH!" said MoAce! "NO!" "It couldn't have been a dream! I really did shoot down 3 Shadow pilots and barely got a scratch!" But after MoAce got his wits about him, he went to the hanger and, THERE IT WAS! "OH NO!" MoAce said to himself, "IT CAN'T BE!" he exclaimed!

There it was, all the BS planes had holes in them and parts were missing also! "Those darn Shadow Pilots done it again!" MO screamed!

After he calmed down, he called Ronski to see what it is he wanted. Ronski went on and on about his dream and then Mo told him his. Silence was all they could hear for what seemed like hours! After which, they both said "Bye" and hung up. "It's true." Mo thought to himself, they did to us again! Maybe I will try a German plane while mine is getting repaired, and then...Ze drem vil finali kum tru!"

Later that evening, at the "Sheep's Pen", Ronski and MoAce met up to discuss the tactics so they could fly Shadow again and maybe at least salvage part of their planes that they both had worked so hard to attain.

As they arrived, they could see other BS'rs had already made it. "Whew" Mo thought to himself, "Glad there was someone here to buy!" For you see, all the money that MoAce had, had gotten shot up so bad, that it was just shreds of what was...

As they were discussing the events and tactics, they happened to notice a pilot in the corner table with his head down. AND he seemed to be moving his arm some and a huge pile of popcorn on the floor underneath, so they knew that he hadn't got into Ronski's Stash. Still, they couldn't help but wonder what it was he was up to.

Skyjackal couldn't take it anymore; he was going to find out just who and what he was up to! As he got closer and the light got better, he noticed it was TBS UNS. "Hey UNS" he said, "What are you doing with your head on the table?" he asked. UNS said " Why I'm practicing my bombing skills, you see, I'm the bombardier on our next mission to bomb the Shadow headquarters! Don't you see all the popcorn on the floor? There is a hole in the table and I look through it and pretend to drop bombs on Shadow...that is the safest way!"

"Well NOW!" said Skyjackal, "Come on over here with us, we have things to discuss!" Skjackal exclaimed.

"Hey Bush" Skyjackal said, "Buy my friends here a round on me!" and with that, they all got quiet, for NO ONE has ever got a freebie out of Sky!.........hehe....
Now it just so happened that at that very moment, IDF Falcon had landed and was "admiring" the handy work that Shadow had done to BS's planes.

"Nice work and so skillfully done too!" Falcon was thinking to himself. "Someday, I will be that good as to write names in my opponents plane with my bullets!" he exclaimed! But for right now, he would have to settle for just admiring the work of Shadow pilots..."Wow�. He thought, "I need a drink."

So into the "Sheep’s Pen" he goes, as he walked into the dim lit bar, his first impression was that he had never seen so many plane parts on a wall before, then he remembered the IDF hanger...."HEHE" he thinks..."Feels like home" he says to himself, and with that orders a drink.

Shadow Bshwackr comes from the back to give him some of Ronski's Special Brew...for he and Falcon went a long way back in the flying game..."Hows things going Falcon?" Bushy asked. And after Falcon swallows down the drink, he starts to say something. And "Cough, cough, what the heck is in this drink, you could fuel your Hawker with it!" exclaimed Falcon! Laughing, Bushy says, "It's a special blend, from BS Ronski, and BS Skyjackal hides it in the office Falcon!" was Bush's response. But Bush was thinking, "Had Falcon accidentally stumbled on the secret of how the Shadow planes fly so fast?"

Falcon swallowed down another one and seen the BS boys in the corner table talking to TBS UNS. "Hmmmmmmm" he thought to himself, "I wonder what them pilots are up too anyway, think I'll go over and see!"...And with that, he went over to the table..................

Next week, Chapter 3!
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Joined: Nov 13, 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 6:57 am
Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

LOL. Cant wait tell next weeks chapter.


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Joined: Jan 21, 2005
Posts: 7015
Location: Central Illinois, USA
PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 7:41 pm
Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

Chapter 3 Wink

IDF Falcon went over the table and said, with his charming French accent "Hey guys, I think I just found the reason why Shadow’s planes fly much faster than our planes." "We know it too,� said TBS Uns. "That’s because every time they see an opponent they just push full throttle and dive to the ground as fast as they can till they crash. Ha Ha Ha".

"He He He" laughed IDF Falcon (people with charming French accents laugh He He He instead of Ha Ha Ha), "I am serious guys," he said. "I just drank one of their secret drinks they drink before they fly, and now I am full of gas in my stomach." "I don’t get it Falc," said Uns. "Ok, last night, when I went to the Shadow's hanger, I noticed a strange exhaust pipe in the tails of the hurricanes they fly. So, I investigated it and I found that the pipe is connected to the ejection seat of the plane." he said with his irresistible French accent mingled with his Israeli one. "And now that I have had the secret drink, I found out what those exhaust pipes are for."

"I still don’t get it Falcon.� said Uns.
"Ok, I better demonstrate it for you, so you'll understand." He stepped a few steps from them, turned around to face them, looked at them with the look that melted so many women’s hearts, and said, "for your own safety gentlemen, you better extinguish your cigars now." At that moment, Bush, who saw all the excitement from the bar, stepped in his direction. He was 4 ft. from Falcon's back, just in time to hear him say,"3, 2, 1," PRORORORORORORORORORORORORORORORORORT.

This was followed by the sound of falling tables, chairs, and bottles.
A few seconds after the fog vanished, Bush found himself sitting on the floor outside the bar. He shook his head, tried to clean his clothes with his hands, and ran back to the bar shooting "what was that? And why there is a smell of roses in the bar?�
(The farts of the people that speak with a French accent always smell like roses).

Then, bush said……………………………..

WW strolls along the line of shot up Hurricanes...moves his eye patch from the left eye to the right to get a better look at the bullet hole writing...shaking his head in disbelief, he turns towards the bar muttering to himself, "Such poor penmanship! Well, no matter, let's see what kind of swill they serve in here...."

It took 20 minutes or so for Bush to regain his usual keen senses before he realized what happened! He has seen this before, but not with such force!!! "Must be the mixture of Israeli food, French wine and Ronski's stash!" Bush thought to himself.

As Bush looked around at the rest of the bar, he could tell, this was no ordinary event! He has seen destruction like this before, but not since he was young pilot watching Israeli pilots crashing into the ground at over 400 KPH!!

As the smoke cleared, he could see debris everywhere. "And where did all the other pilots disappear to anyway?" He thought. Looking around, he saw Ronski, Skyjackal, MoAce, and TBS UNS staggering back in from the huge hole in what use to be the south wall. Ronski said, "I don't know what just happened, but I'll have what ever Falcon just had!" He didn't know you have to have the usual charm and good looks of a French and Israeli pilot combined to get that kind of response. And Ronski always did like the smell of Roses....

Welcome WW, what brings you to the "Sheep’s Pen"? Uh…you might want to stay clear of that pilot at the end of the bar...Yes…that's right the French Israeli guy....
What can I get ya?..........

"Definitely NOT what that feller's drinkin. he he.."

"How's your Shirley Temples in here?" Says WW moving the eye patch from the right to the left to expose his good drinkin eye. "Over at Canelo’s Cantina we screen our riff-raff a little more carefully.... a guy has to be wanted in at least three different countries afore he gits in. Of course then there's the ones like me, wanted on five or six different continents. he he. Say! You guys have any planes that actually fly??"

HEHE..."Well, you'll have to excuse the mess WW." Bush said, "That Falcon guy sure can pack a wallop!" Bush snickered as he was trying to clean the debris off the bar. "The Shirley Temples are the best around, but we mix them just a tad different than you’re probably used to. We use a root extract that BS_Skyjackal gets from the orient, I'm not sure, but word around here, is that it's a cure for what ails ya!" Bush said as he was surveying the damage.

About that time, BS Wite Liun comes in and looks around in disbelieve, "WOW!" he exclaimed "Looks like the stable behind BS's hanger after a Friday night bash!" He noticed that a lot of the usual pilots were here too. Along with TBS and BS, there were some new faces that he hasn't seen before....Just who was this guy with the eye patch? And the guy at the end of the bar, has no back in his pants!...."Better stay clear of these guys." Liun mutters to himself. "I think I'll go hang out with the girl at the other end of the bar."

Now Liun knows not to get to close to her, for she is none other than the infamous MoSuse and the "Collector" for the bar and has a very big club to boot! "Buy you a drink?" he asked.

MoSuse just starred at him, for she knew he was just trying to butter her up. She had went to the hanger looking for him earlier and left a message telling him that his bar tab was upwards of $3000.00 last month. "Sure" she said, all the while keeping an "eye" on the guy with the patch on one eye and the pilot that just turned the bar into shambles. That whole incident didn't bother her though...for she likes the smell of roses too. And there's something about that "Look" that he gave just before he cut loose.

"Here ya go WW." said Bush....."And it's on the house! Uh, the first one anyway. By the way, what were you talking about "checking out the pilots'?" Bush asked. "You need a job? How about being the backround check guy? You interested in some employment? I didn't want to say anything, but that old Hawker of yours looks like it could use a refit! As for our planes, Shadow's planes still fly, but I can't say much for the rest of them!"... ..................

Hey Bush, ..MoAce says to Bush at the bar...."That Dang French guy melted all the vails off the Darts"..."Give me the feathered ones from behind the bar...ok?" Just then....The Guy with the eye patch says...." Darts! What kinda sissy game is that?"....Now Moace is a most gental kinda guy...but loves his darts....so thinking of a quick line he says...."Whats yer name ..one eyed patch man"..."WW!" he says...."Yipes"! MoAce thinks ...hes heard that name before....."Ahhh...You wouldn't perhaps run a mersonary squad do you?"...."Yes I Do!!!"..say WW....Hmmmm thinks MoAce...(with an evil grin).."You got a card?"...."Heres your darts" ...says Bush....Ahhh just throw them to Ronski...yea from here , he'll catch em.....I need to get a calling card from WW!

As Bushy threw the darts to Ronski, he overthrew, (just like he overshoots while flying his Hurricane), and MoSuse ducked just in time. "Watch it Bushy" she said, "or you will feel the business end of my club, just like WiteLiun is going to feel it if he gets funny." At this, WiteLiun began laughing hysterically. "I am funny." he said, "But for you, I might reconsider. How bout if we can cut a deal on that bartab I owe?" At this point, the man with the eye patch squinted in their direction and began grinning. "Looks like this young 'un needs some lessons in manners." he said. Suddenly the French/Israeli pilot at the end of the bar looked in their direction. "Well I'll be" he said in his accent, "there's a female in this bar."

"Oh oh" Bush thought to himself,"There's going to be trouble in here!" Suddenly remembering the last time, someone had to be taught a lesson. It was a while ago, but it seemed like yesterday, when BS FOD tried to get BS MoSuse to eat something from his "specialty shop". Boy, did the sparks fly then! I don't think FOD has quite been the same since! You see MoSuse is an expert when it comes to using the "Mail order, custom leather grip, titanium club with the automatic accelerator"!

"Better get over there!" Bush muttered. He could see the man with the patch and the Falcon both heading in the direction of MoSuse and WiteLiun.....both had different reasons for going, or did they?..(lol)

The man with the patch has had his "eye" on BS MoSuse for some time now, and this Falcon guy, even though he is armed and dangerous, is not moving in on his territory! "NO WAY!" WW thought to himself.

Lucky for MoSuse, that she ducked! She has always been lucky that way..to move in the nick of time. But alas, Ronski wasn't so lucky. "Ouch!! Ronski yelled, "What the h*** was that?" he asked. He couldn't see the darts in the back of his head, but he could feel the pain! Reminded him of flying against Shadow squad! hehe.

Then MoAce yelled...."HEY BUSH! Buy my one eyed friend here a drink on me!" and with that, they both went to the corner table. "Whew!" thought Bush, "That's one less thing to worry about!", now if he just head off Falcon, a far more dangerous mission..................

Wonder how long I'll have to wait for a decent plane to show up....ain't seen one worth stealin yet, and I'm shore in need of a new one, thinks WW while slurping his Shirley Temple through his souvenir Disneyland flexi-straw.

This place has a serious lack of anything valuable, so I may have to actually take on a (ugh) job!

Here ye here ye...non-leader of the non-squad, Mercenary Air Inc, does hereby make himself available to the highest bidder..he he.."This Gun's For Hire"

Just when , as It looked like there was going to be trouble, Mo gave Bush one of those looks to sinkernize things happening, And said in the same breath, HEY FALCON!! "Is it these weekend, we have that squad match aginst your squad".."Come on over to the table and i'll buy you a drink & lets talk these setting out."Mo hoping to keep peace in the joint, Saw a look of relief come over Bushes face...and a look of thanks to Mo was agnolaged....But by these time Suse was steaming...so as she went to hit falcon( which is walking to MOs table ..By now)...swag back ..but in doing so hit Ron in the head by mistake....Ron turned around to see what was happening with all his getting hit on the head and said.

All the chit chat in the bar is silenced when the lights go dimm..flickering to almost total darkness...Faint music starts to play (the kind you hear at a funeral) All eyes padlock to the Bar's two half french doors..a dark figure slowly walks up to the doors..his head tilted toward the grownd..slowly a hand appears on top of the left door and then what appears to be a golden hand grabs the top of the right door..the black stetson hat slowly raises ..reveiling dark beedy eyes of a killer.

The dark fuigure moves thru the door....The doors smack together over and over slowing with each hit..the quiet is broken when the man with the patch mumbles in fear and he hides behind the bar..SIN!!!.

The room is motionless, the fear could break a window at any moment, then... with the weakest one runs first..Falcon screams in fear.

"No not again"..As Sin points his golden finger and shoots him down in one shot..then the others try to run..MoSuse..Ronski..Luin..MoAce..All falling to the floor in one shot.

The man with the eye patch mumbles in amazemant.."Damm that was fast"

Bush shoots right back at him "Its always like that"

Then walks over to the bar "Barkeep..Give me a first to five speacial"..Grabs the drink and heads over to the table moving the dead bodies with his foot..and then placing his drink in the blood on the table as he sits ..he looks around "whats that SMELL??..whatever it is I hope i kill it."

WW crawls out from under his table, without spilling a drop of his precious Shirley Temple. Moving his eye patch from his left eye to the right, he surveys the scene of recent bloodletting....tossing the drink over his shoulder and heading for the swinging doors, WW mumbles, "Well..he he..these tossers shoulda hired a mercenary...cheap insurance!" "Reckon they won't be needing their planes anymore...if any of em still fly!"

From inside, the remaining patrons hear some banging, a couple loud curses, and then finally the wounded engine of a Hurricane coming to life. As the sheep, ducks, and chickens scatter from it's path, the Hurricane roars off into the sunset belching smoke and leaking hydraulic fluid.....

What the @#$% son of a @#$%& holy @#$% did that hurt! Now Ronski knows what the Shadow guys must feel like when they feel the BS bullets hit them all the time. Ronski goes back to his stach to have a drink to think about things and wonders why is it always me that get the worst of every thing in here is there a conspiracy going on and are the Shadows involved in this as Ronski looks at Bush and wonders Hmmmmmmmm.

As Bush begins laughing out loud, Sin looks at him and says "What's with the hardy laugh anyway?"..Bush said "Well, you see WW light outta here? The plane he took belongs to BS Gacman, he won't get far. That was the plane that he flew in the last match against Shadow.....it has more holes in it than MoAce's plane, and the gas tank has more than one hole in it too!" Bush is wondering if he knows about the BIG red button and if he'll ever see his bar glass again.......

Now lucky for everyone in the bar, that the re-spawning is a fast process in this game! "Sure would hate to run out of drinkers." Bush thinks! "Sky has a lot of bills to pay!"

As Sin was sipping on his Ice tea with the secret ingredient and the little umbrella in it, in comes another Shadow. This time, it's Shadow Reaper, and as he surveys the situation, he says " Well Sin, I see you must have got here a little while ago!"

As Reaper steps over the pools of blood and makes his way through the debris that Falcon left, he takes a seat. "What happened to the wall?" he asks. Sin replies, "I really don't know, seems like someone has been lighting matches again around a French Israeli, you smell the roses?"

As the re-spawning takes place, the BS pilots shake off the last shoot down and come back into the game. Still groggy, they look hard at the two Shadow's sitting quietly at the table. Doesn't take long before the cold stares and the firmness of the brows set in. They've all seen the golden hand before, non other than Shadow of Sin himself!! But wait, are they still groggy, they see two of him now, dresses different too! Shaking off the re-spawn effects, they come to realize, this is Reaper, Sin's twin. Now the shaking starts all over again....

"What are we going to do? ask WiteLiun and "How are we going to get them back?"

MoAce sits quietly for a moment and you can see the "gears" turning as he thinks. "I know!" MoAce exclaimed! "Lets all come back in shooting, but don't let them get behind you!"................. ....................

As Sin sips his drink pondering on when MoAce and Ronski will try another shot at Him..He see's the Two trying to sneak behind him...He looks at reaper who then eyes back a rolling of his eyes..Sin and reaper communicating without words..thinking they couldnt be that dumb.

The silence is broken By MoAce.."You thought that you could come in here and get away with that what are you gonna do now that I got the jump on ya, Whats your final words Sin?"..Sin looks MoAce in the eyes and Says

"I'm your Huckleberry"

And without words shoots down MoAce, as reaper waves his arm as if brushing his hair, shooting Ronski with a shotgun up his sleeve, Sin and reaper slowly take a glance around the room as they slide back into thier chair to relax yet again.....

....just as MoSuse hits them both at the same time with her club. She turns around in surprise as they both fall onto the table and slowly slide off onto the floor, scattering glasses, cards and ashtrays. "Uh oh" she said. "I was aiming for Falcon!" "Bushy!" she yelled, "this club needs calibrated or something! I'm sure it's not my fault! I just can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn." "Like Shadow pilots", she giggled. Then she looked around and said, "Heh, what happened to that good-looking guy with the patch? I have a job for him. I need some help on collecting on those bartabs!" She took one more look at Sin and Reaper lying on the floor, bent down to check for a pulse, and not finding one, said, "Oops".......

Suddenly from the window came a crash! Pilots hit the floor, liquor, beer, and wine falling close behind.

As MoSuse scrambled to find her club, she felt a thump on her head. .one of the 5 dozen newly introduced apples alerted her. Voices throughout the bar were heard saying things like, "Nice one Suse," and "Where are we gonna hide now?"

The front door, stood a fly guy type of struttin' leopard skin overcoat wearin, apple eating, tooth picking PIMP. He slowly raised his diamond crusted hand, and the patrons said, "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

WHAP!!!!!! was the sound of the bar-wide bytch slap, as the man said, "All right you turkeys, clean this dive up, and get me some KoolAid..... this little Pig's THIRSTY."

Next week, Chapter 4!

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Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

i cant remember if suse gets hot in this so i better read on i guess..
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Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

Ages since i read all this ... A true classic.


Ullus Vicis , Ullus Qua.
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Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

Chapter 4

...and they scattered like roaches.

As he strolled over to the Shadow table, he heard them giggling. .

"She thinks she really killed us!!" a teared up and laughing Sin said.

"Pfffffffffttttttttttthhhhh waaaaaHA HA HA AH" came from Reapers smiling face as he stood up with his .50 cal fully automatic Shadow Squad "Stun" Gun, and screamed,"THIS IS A STICK UP, YOU'VE BEEN HAD BY THE SS, NOW GIVE US ALL YOUR MONEY!!!!!"

Now everyone knew that Shadow Reaper was kidding around. No one in this place has any money, they've spent it all on keeping their machines up and running ( pun intended, hehe). After which, they all had a good laugh and sat down.

"Quite a commotion for a while!" Says MoAce. "Yeah, all of a sudden, walls are falling down, tables getting blown over, chairs getting thrown about, and those Shadow boys, MAN..those Shadow boys sure can leave a trail of blood behind them! Next time, I'm bring Ms MO...just for protection!" he added.

Everybody stood in amazement, looking at all of the Shadow pilots hands. All the Shadow pilots had precious metal and stones on their shooting hands. Little did anyone know outside of Shadow, how they came to be. If they knew that all the gold were fillings, taken out of fallen victims' teeth and the precious stones where removed from their watch faces, they would appreciate how much effort and diligence it took to collect them all. As it was, all anyone could do is just look in amazement at the artwork adorning these pilots' hands. Now everyone knew why the bartender, Shadow Bshwackr wore a glove on his shooting hand.

MoSuse walked up to the bar and said "Hey Bushy, this club needs to be calibrated, seems the only thing it can hit well, is Shadow...(snickering) and collecting from them is next to impossible! Sin, just laughs at me, Reaper starts pulling at my coat and Piggy just throws apples at me! I wonder if WW will be back soon? Sure could use the help!"

"Don't worry MoSuse." Bush said. "I have a feeling he won't get far, and the closest place to walk back to is here!" Bush said laughingly as he was was serving Piggy his Cool Aid with the special twisty straw. "By the way, any chance you could get these guys to help clean up this place? And please find out where Falcon is hiding! But be careful! Don't get too close to him with that open flame!" Bush warned!

About that time, Ms MO was coming in from the back door. And as she survyed the situation, she had to just shake her head. This place has been torn up bad before, but not to this extent! And she was wondering about that strange smell of roses, smoke and gunpowder! "Hmmm." She thought, "I don't know where MoAce is, but I'm sure he's mixed up in this somehow! If I ever find him, I'll make him wish he was flying against Shadow squad!" She knew MoAce hated flying against them! He hated to walk home! Now, if she just locate him through the smoke and debris...........

As Bush and MoSuse talk the bar, MoAce whispers to WiteLiun and Ronski "Hey, you guys ever been to the "real" sheeps pen?" Ronski and Liun just looked at each other as if to say "What's that anyway?" Each one had a stern look on their face that gave way to open eyed amazement as MoAce explained to them what it was! Didn't take long before everyone in the bar heard the words "Uh...Liun and I have to go change the oil in our hawkers!" Ronski said. With that being said, they were gone in a flash......(hehe).

MoAce just sat and snickered..."HEHE" he thought to himself.( MoAce has said HEHE since he heard that cool French Israeli pilot ..the infamous Falcon say it). MoAce hadn't seen Ms Mo come in. As he got up to get another drink (Mo figured Bush owed him for diverting Falcon from MoSuse) and look for Falcon, his eyes "Locked" onto Ms MO's dark red dress with the matching high heel shoes and handbag! MoAce knew that was Ms MO., by the outfit that he and her both shared. "Where was the matching hair ribbon?" MoAce wondered. MoAce has quite an "eye" for things that match, that is why his Hawker only has "Snoopy" band aids.....Snoopy's eyes match the black holes in his plane....

As he looked around for Falcon, he happened to notice a plane taking off from BS's runway!! "I wonder who that is?" said Mo. Looking harder, he knew...It was FALCON!!! He had stolen another BS plane. That was 2 in the last week!! As he headed out the door to flag him down, he noticed a strange pipe coming out from under the starboard side. As the plane took off, he heard a LOUD roar and the plane took off like he had never seen any BS plane take off before! As the plane flew into the sunset....a familiar sense came over Mo..."Hmmmm". he thought "The smell of Roses!" .......

At about that time, MoSuse turned from the bar, holding her newly calibrated titanium club in her hand, and said, "OK guys, that Falcon flew the coop, so now we have to help clean up this place!" At that, a huge chorus of groans, boos and no's filled the air. But before MoSuse could use her club, Mrs. Mo swaggered up to Moace and grabbed his ear. "What in the $*%^# is going on in here?" she said. "I have to clean this pigsty up! Now I don't know who made this mess, but I refuse to clean it up all by myself!" Moace just kept bobbing his head in agreement saying, "Yes honey, whatever you say sweetheart." With that, she let go of his ear and stomped her foot. "Right now Mo!" she yelled, "And while you're at it, I want to know what happened to my matching red ribbon that goes with this outfit!" Uh oh, thought Moace, .....

"If she finds out I used her ribbon to tie up my broken aileron, she'll be really mad!" MoAce muttered to himself, "Better just tell her I don't know what happened to it and take my chances!" he thought.

Now at the same time Ms Mo was stomping her foot, Ronski yelled out "HEY...THAT WAS MY PLANE FALCON TOOK!" With that, all the rest of the BS pilots headed out the door and jumped in their planes. They had to catch up with Falcon and get that plane back. It had vital info under the seat! If info like that got out, well, that could mean all the other BS pilots could be in danger! That's right..THE SECRET FORMULA TO RONSKI'S STILL was in the briefcase! YES! Ronski's briefcase!(hehe) Along with all the secret planes that he designed!

"That's just great!" Ms Mo said. "It looks like it up to me and the Shadow pilots to clean up." But when she looked around, the bar was empty! "How did they all get away so quickly?" she wondered. She turned to talk to MoSuse, but she also had vanished!

Then Ms Mo looked out the swinging doors, and seen the BS planes taking off...she knew it BS's planes! She could see the black smoke coming from the engines and all the patches made their planes stand out! But...what was that she was looking at? "Is that a red ribbon on that plane?" she asked herself. "IF that is MoAce's plane, he's in big trouble!" she said to herself. Something MoAce had become very acquainted with.

All the Shadow pilots were gathering outside the bar, for the knew when the "getting was good". They've all become accustomed to dealing with danger, but this is above and beyond the call of duty! Ms Mo could inflict serious injury when she gets "riled"! A chance they weren't going to take!

"Hmmmm." said Piggy, "Now that BS is gone, what do you say we go over to their hanger and have a look around? They could have some beer stashed in the fridge and you remember what we found when we looked around in AoD and HA's hanger!"

With that, they headed for the hanger.............

(LMAO...Tears in my eyes) Back to the chase...Mo. was out front, with Ron running a close second....trying to run down Falcon,, gaining on him every min......Ol Mo. had that hawker a screaming...rivets were starting to vibrate...and then, just as he was getting into range ...it happened, RIPPPpppp! the Red Ribbon tore loose.....out of control he went ...tumbling to the earth ( like thats never happened before...lol)Mayday!!! Mayday tower , i'm going in....and a voice came over the speaker ...." Mo.... yer breaking up...say agian??....I SAID I"M GOING IN!!!!..MAYDAY!!!...can you speak up alittle bit , You were kinda fussy on that last one!....HEY! says Mo...whos running that tower anyway?...Well..lol..its me....lol SUSE! but yer still breaking up ...what was that again?( leave me out flying around for a week!)...Ahhh man , just my luck....and i'm going down in EURO contry too!( You know how Brit is with prisoners )there is none!...but come to think of it, if i have to go back to Ms Mo, Loosing her Ribbon , i just as soon take my chances with Brit!... Then Ron comes over the radio and says..............................

....Then Ron comes over the radio and says in an ice cold tone, "Oh my god."

"Wa wa awahhaawawa ghostriders whaaadoadwo" -- hissed the radio from the tower.

MoAce's voiced boomed, "DAMNIT MOSUSE, SPEAK ENGLISH!! MAYDAY MAYDAY, I'M GOING IN!" MoAce fired up a Virginia Slim(that's all the bar had), turned his #3 Earnhardt hat backwards, and bailed out.

Falcon froze as he looked out the window, hearing Ronksi's voice repeat, "Oh my god."

There was no mistaking them. .nobody else flew so tightly OUT of formation as the ghostriders. Nobody else had a 100,000 watt stereo blaring, "Ride of the Valkyries", and surfboards on the sides of their planes. No, they were not surfers, they just looked cool. Fashionably late, as they would sometimes them speak of themselves.

"Sh- sha- shi-. . uh...-shi-- shi.... Shadow, fa fafafa. ." mumbled Ronski.

"SHADOW FOUR OCLOCK HIGH!!" exclaimed Falcon.

And over the radio screeched, "wahaa aha aahwa ahawa your parachutes wahaa"

Falcon disregarded any and everything he sensed, except the Shadow pilots at 4 oclock high. Thinking Ronski had better wake up, and fast, Falcon said the only thing he knew to say at that moment. He'd seen it in the movies, but this was show time. "Let up on the stick, easy now, you're a little low..ease up on the stick Couger, you're too low..come on Couger,... uhhh. . Ronski."

"waha ahwaahaw aa is not a game aohaao Top Gun awha Shadoww ah closing in fast aoawa aha," MoSuse crackled.

And in what seemed like a locomotive, one by one they blew by Falcon and Ronski. . VROOM! VROOM! WOOSH! WERRR! VROOOM !!! The last Hurricane with the end of an M&M tie dangling out of the @#%$pit.

Their pure decibel level of the Shadow speakers cracked Falcon and Ronski's windshields, and roared over the speakers, pausing "Ride of the Valkyries."

The voice said, "BUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPP!!!!!!" and then the music continued.

Falcon and Ronski stared in amazement as the Shadow pilots hauled-arse towards the Euro base, twisting an turning, with half-empty keg of Guinness simply labled "Draken," in tow behind one.

Ronski looks over at Falcon and says I've had enough of this crap and he pulls out his sniper rifle and takes aim.
And with one awesome shot 'shoots' the tow rope of the keg of Guiness nice shot Falcon says to Ronski as the Keg come falling down and lands pefectly in the pond so it would not get smashes.
Well Falcon, Ronski says with a evil grin its not as good as my special brew but it will do lets grab the keg and bring it back to the bar hehehe.

Back at the bar Falcon & Ronski tell the gang about what they did and Mo says man I wish i could see the look on Shadows face when they land and there so dry and thirsty and find no brew to drink........

"i want to see them land too" said IDF Falcon, "thats rare to see a shadow pilot land, i dont think they know where the landing gear handles are"............

Next week comes Chapter 5!

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Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

~S~ Bshwackr
I know what u are doing! When all this is said and done u will be publishing a best selling book lol.


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Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

LOL, well, the great thing about this is the fact this was added to on a forum by many people all adding in content. Some of this is so funny, it's hard to quit laughing. It's especially funny when you know the people named in this story as was the case at the time this was done.

My hopes are to do another one as we have some very talented writers here at CC...:wink:
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Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

"i want to see them land too" said IDF Falcon, "thats rare to see a shadow pilot land, i dont think they know where the landing gear handles are"............

Banshee told me they had to tie sheep skin to the landing gear handles so Bush could find them in the dark. Mr. Green
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Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!


I owe ya one Hit...lol
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Post subject: Re: The Saga Begins!...the original!!

Chapter 5

As the infamous Shadow lands (Yes Falcon, we can land..lol) at the EURO base, they all climb out and pull off their custom wrap around sun glasses with the pure titanium accents on the temples sold only at exclusive Walgreen stores. They notice the Guinness kegg was gone.

"WHAT!" says Reaper. "Hey, what happened to the keg? Man, I'm thirsty too!" Looking around, he noticed, as all of Shadow did ( We Shadows notice things like this ) that nobody was around. It was all to common a sight! Come to a new air base and it's always empty! "Well now!" Sin says, "This is a surprise. What does this make, the 5th base we've been to, and still no one around. Well it's always the same, mixed feelings fella's. No one to beat up on, but no one is guarding the bar either!"

Sin puts on his Stetson with the platinum and gold buttons around the rim and heads towards the bar. The rest of Shadow follows, each adorning their own individual "garb" of custom made attire.

As they enter the bar, an eerie feeling comes over them. The same feeling that always comes over them in a new bar. That's right, NO BARTENDER!!!!

"Bush!" Sin yells, "Get over there and see if you can get them old beer taps working, the rest of us will go make sure they have enough kegs, and look for the pretzels!"

Piggy says, "Hey, look the juke box works, AND it don't take money to run it either!" Piggy was holding some "wires" that he found in back of it.

Now the music was going to a comfortable decibel, and the pretzels were on the counter. Bush said " HEY, I got the old taps to work, but all they have is this nasty EURO beer! It tastes soooo bad, that is makes you wish you had some of Ronski's brew!"

Shadow ate all the pretzels and drank most of the beer before getting ready to head back. As they got ready to leave, Draken came out of the back and said " Hey mates, look what I found in Brit1's office! I couldn't believe it, yet here it is!" All stood in amazement, it was a keg of Guinness!

Please cover your ears, all the Shadow's left at the same time. The boom was so loud, that is cracked all the windows for miles around. "OUCH" EURO said as they were coming out of the bomb shelter. "Did they leave us ANY beer? Man, them Shadow boys can drink!" Blizzard said as he was picking up the mess of broken glass and empty pretzel bags......."I wonder where they're headed now?" he asked. "Who cares!" says Brit1, "As long as were safe now. And did you notice the keg tied on the back of their plane as they left? I recognise the keg, but is it tied on with a M&M's tie?"...............

Sometime later, back at the "Sheeps Pen", a scream came from the tower...."Th Thhhh Thhe BBB BB BBBBBLLL BLips on the ssssccc screen!!! HERE THEY COME AGAIN!" said Falcon thinking that he could lure MoSuse up to the tower with his charming French accent and his lady killer look.

MoSuse ran up the steps to the tower and grabbed the mike away from Falcon. "Give me that," she said, "You will be flirting with every female within 450 miles, here in a minute, and we don't have time for that." Falcon looked at her sheepishly, and said is his French-Israeli accent that melts so many women's hearts, "Now Suse, you know I wouldn't do that. The radio only reaches to 250 miles." MoSuse just looked at him, rolled her eyes, and reached under the counter to flip a hidden switch which broadcasted right into the 'Sheeps Pen'. "OK BS'ers, get ready, the Shadows are coming back! Line up along the runways!" she said. Back in the bar, there were yells and cheers. The BS'ers took the slingshots out of their back pockets, grabbed a handful of Bushy's peanuts off the bar, and headed out the door. They each took up a position along the runways, waited until the Shadows came screaming in, and Moace said, "Steady.....wait a sec..... OK, Fire!" At this, peanuts flew out of the slingshots, and hit all the Shadow planes tires. There were cheers and the BS pilots all clapped each other on the back. Then they put on their sunglasses, sat down in the grass at the edge of the runway, each one with a cup of Ronski's brew. "Let the show begin!" said Moace, " this ought to be entertaining!"

(ok. i think its time to add some sex to the story, or we will loose our audience).

"well Suse" said Falcon, whit his famous look #46, the one that made so many nuns to forgot about jesus, "now that we are here alone in the tower, and all the other pilots are busy shooting each other, why don't we sit down and have some French wine and camembert cheese?".

"humm" said Suse, "that's the moment I always dreamed about".
Falcon gave her a glass of red Bordeaux wine and a piece of smelly Camembert on baguette bread.
" you know Suse, all those pilots here, from all the sqd's are so stupid, look at them, sitting on the grass, drunks, and they can't even shoot strait."
"you are right Falcon "she said, "I really cant stand them, all they think about is drinking and shooting, and they think they are pilots just because they know how to pull the guns trigger. Most of the guys in my sqd cant even fly half as good as I do, but what I said now is for your hears only, i hope you wont say anything, I don't want any troubles with them".
" don't worry susy, "he said " I know how you fell, and they don't deserve a jewel like you in their sqd, I wont say a word, you can trust me on that".
"you know Falcon, no one ever talked to me like that" she said with a tear in her left eye, "I feel that I am so close to you".
"I know Suzy, it happens to me all the time" he stood up , looked at her with a kinky smile on his face and said,
" Susy I am yours now , I'll do everything you want and I'll do it right now in the tower, tell me what you want me to do".
Suse stood up too,looked at him excitedly and screamed " the switch, the switch".

"the switch??? I never heard of that position," he said. "Can you explain it to me?"

"hooo noooo" she said, "the mike switch, I forgot to turn it off"............................

So Falcon and Suse are getting down.

But meanwhile back at the Euro base, the place was rockin'. The keg was floating, and trucks were lined up around the corner with more Guinness, Miller Lite (per Sin's request), cases of Jack Daniels, Gin, and all sorts of party 'necessities.'

"Whooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!" as Reaper put a French/Israeli $20 bill in his mouth and fell back on the stage.. these women were HOT, and Reaper had everyone covered with the ATM card he 'found' back at the BSers bar.

"Table dances for everyone!! (mmppffffffff)" and Reaper was in heaven for the time being.

(clink) was the sound of the crystal shot glasses as the Shadows and random Euros and Brit toasted their Anejo tequila, "To HOT women!!"

The entertainer moved away from Reaper, gathered up her money, and exited the stage. Over the loud speaker, "Okay guys, here's what a couple of you have been waiting for... all the way to the Euro base, we have a couple hungry fellas.. everyone give a round of applause for the fight about to happen between Shadow Draken and Banshee.. ..here-is-CCCCCCCCcccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrriiieeeeee!!!!!!"

BLAM!!! SMACK!!! CRACK!!!!!! POW!!!! DOUBLE POW!!!!!


"She's mine you tosser!"

"No, mine mine mine!!"


"More of everything for everyone!!" screamed Sin as the Shadows and Euro sat back and watched the spat.

Draken looked down at Banshee on the blood-strewn floor, and was disgusted with himself for hitting his brother-in-arms so hard. All the pilots, including Sin looked on, aghast. They never knew Draken had such fury, always polite, courteous (especially to the ladies) and always willing to help out a pilot, and indeed saved their lives on numerous occasions. There was deadly silence in the lounge, and everyone looked at Draken with renewed awe and respect, whose face was black as thunder!. Even Piggy was shaken!

Unbeknownst to the pilots in the lounge, and contrary to Piggy's announcement that the fight was over Carrie(one hell of an up-coming fighter pilot) but granted, female and beautiful - from the Flying Tigers squadron; the fight was actually over Draken's 4th pint of Guinness which Banshee had drank by mistake. Draken loved his Guinness and always had 4 pints everyday, faithfully, to keep in shape his trim and lithe figure for extreme combat for which he had been specially trained. Piggy was the only one who came close to Draken's ferocity in combat, and oftentimes they would fly together and terrorize pilots from other squadrons, more often than not being disadvantaged by 5 to 2.

Draken bodily pulled Banshee up off the floor, and gave him a brotherly hug and apologised profusely. Banshee, wide-eyed and dazed, retorted that he would never bloody drink Guinness again, not while Draken was around anyway. With that, Banshee brushed himself off, dusted his gold epaulettes and sauntered off to the bar where the beautiful Carrie was having a leisurely drink, winding down after having massacred a bunch of EURO pilots, who had made the mistake of assuming they could take her on and come out unhurt. They would never make that mistake again, and would get a right ribbing from their CO, EURO_Brit1 who now have to dip in to his coffers and replace the squadron's entire fleet of aircraft. Brit1 was not best pleased, and issued instructions that FT_Carrie was to be left alone and avoided in future. Not surprisingly, it was only Shadow pilots who knew how to handle her, figuratively-speaking. Draken above all had a special talent and they were rumours flying around, as he was always protecting her and keeping a watchful eye on her in battle when they flew together. He was the only one she ever listened to.

But, having seen the incident with poor ole Banshee, no one was about to attempt to push the issue. The wrath they had observed was too much, and Draken would in blind rage sometimes even shoot down shadow pilots and they weren't about to chance their luck.

Carrie seemed to have a soft spot for Banshee, but as soon as anyone thought so, she would do or say something that would indicate otherwise. The strange thing though, to all pilots who knew Draken, people talking to Carrie never fazed him in the slightest.

They all knew however, that Draken had someone very special close to his heart, but he always kept a tight lip on about it.
Who it was, they didn't know and weren't tempted to find out. They knew and had seen enough to know, not to cross him.

Draken strode with purpose towards the doors of the lounge, and gave Piggy a glance. Piggy knew he meant business and wanted him to wing Draken: (Piggy's eyes lit up - yesssss, time for kiling and massacre) - who will be the poor bastards this time. It wont be BS_squadron this time, they were recovering from ther last beating by Draken and Piggy, and needed to recuperate and formulate another strategy which next time they hoped would work. The trouble is and was, Piggy and Draken could read each other like a book and didnt ever have to talk about or plan how they would take out other pilots. These were two animals of pure instinct, and there was a huge sigh of relief from the lounge, the shadow pilots glad they were not flying in case they got shot down by Draken, and the BS_ and the rest of the pilots glad to be able to save their asses for another day.

Falcon's eyes got wide and he exclaimed, "Oh no!" "The BS'ers will come after ME now!" Suse started laughing and said, "I'm just kidding Falcon. Don't worry." And with that, she came up to him, put her arms around him and said, "So Falcon, just exactly what strategy will you use in the next squad match between IDF and BS? Not that I'm very interested of course, I was just curious, since you lost last time, that you might decide to use some other strategy." Falcon smiled and said, "Ah Suse, you are an expert at whispering sweet nothings." Suse smiled as she remembered the knife in her boot and the mike switch still in the 'on' position. Let's hope Moace is listening, she thought.

Carrie sits at the bar with a wry grin on her face, remembering the antics the night before between her and Draken. "Hmmmmmm...." she thought, "I wonder if he flies as well as he does that?"

In walks a rookie. Sad looking character, a young lad -still green behind the ears, no dirt on his suit having never flown before.

He looks straight at Carrie. "What are you grinning for? I reckon you are a bitch." he says. "Could beat you any day.....wanna fly and show me what yer got?"

"Sure" she says, pulling out a sub machine gun from under the table, and opens up on the unsuspecting lad. The lad falls and dies in a puddle of his own blood. "when will they ever learn?" she ponders, as she goes back to drinking her glass of red wine. "Perhaps he meant he wanted me to fly..ooops..oh well."

All eyes were on Draken as he entered the lounge, which took him aback a little. Usually they left him alone after a hard day's combat, and would not look at him or speak to him until after he had showered and shaved, and feeling fresh. It was usually just a nod.

Then he spotted Carrie at the bar: there was a twinkle in her eye........ "Aw hell, if anyone didn't know what that twinkle signified, they would have to be just pure dumb idiots" Draken cursed under his breath - "If this gets out and around, I'm dead meat", he said - thinking of his sweetheart. Sure he and Carrie were close, but there had been one too many glasses of wine the night before, and Draken missing his true love, had simply succumbed - despite his iron will-power.

Draken glared at the orderly (ex_EURO pilot) who got in his way, as he strode towards his quarters to freshen up. He was looking forward to his Guinness which Carrie would make sure was there when he returned to the lounge.

Draken needed to have a talk with Banshee quick........

"Whew Piggy!" Bush said. "I'm sure glad we came back to the EURO bar, those BS pilots looked serious with those slingshots! Were those peanuts? WOW... I just about got hit.....kinda reminded me of the way BS normally shoots....hehe!"

EURO figured they had better be nice to Shadow when they seen them coming back. Shadow had drank almost all the beer, and ate all the pretzels. Brit1 figured, if they (EURO Pilots) wanted anything to drink, swallowing one's pride was in order here! So with that in mind, they all stayed out of the bomb shelter and gladly waved the Shadow squad back!

"Cut that Guinness keg loose and lets all have a drink!" Sin said. Brit1 said " Funny, I had one just like it in my office, hehe!" (Now Brit1 says hehe and not haha, he has been talking to the French Israeli pilot Falcon!) Piggy cut the keg and Shadow Banshee drug it in the bar. THEN....the party started..............

Next week, Chapter 6!
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lmao Tony sure thought that piece he wrote about thrashing me was funny lol, this brings back fond memories for sure.

Man he even got me draggin the beer around for everyone!
Too funny......
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